Top 5 Ways To Save Money in College

by Ela Koksal

1. Use more campus amenities:

Before going out to buy things, watch movies or visit places, check out the UCLA Campus Amenities and Activities website ( You may find things you wanted to for a lot cheaper – or even free! Also, this is a great opportunity to try new things and venture out.

2. Take advantage of student opportunities:

A lot of stores and restaurants have discounts for students that will help you significantly in the long run. The UCLA Campus store has a lot of deals for students, and also has a lot of discount days that anyone can take advantage of. Clothing stores like Asos, Madewell, Pacsun and many more also offer student discounts! Check out the full list here:

3. Don’t buy new textbooks:

$200 for a textbook you’ll only use once or twice?! That sounds insane, and it really is. Instead of buying new textbooks try looking at other options such as buying used books or renting new or used textbooks. UCLA Bookstore, Amazon and Macmillian Learning, along with many other websites/stores, have many options on buying and renting books, so try finding the option that works best for you!

4. Be mindful of your swipes:

If you have a meal plan try to use it as much as you can. Eating out everyday is expensive, and why eat out when you already have a pre-paid meal? One thing to keep in mind is getting coffee/drinks with swipes. For some swipe options, what you get costs significantly less than what your swipe is worth. Always check menu prices before you swipe!

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

This trio can help you save money in a lot of ways. Try to reduce the amount of things you buy. Always ask yourself: do I want or need this. Buy reusable water bottles, thermoses and straws to avoid buying new ones every time you need one. Finally, recycle your old clothes by either donating them or selling them through apps like Poshmark and Letgo. And remember, you can make saving money into a fun activity for you! These are some tips to get you started, but try new things to see what makes you motivated to save more!

Featured Image: Flickr/CC

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