Thinking outside the bouquet

by Milan Ong

1. Pipe Cleaners

Look through your little sister’s mystery box of arts and crafts to whip up a fuzzy, soft and truly heartwarming one-of-a-kind bouquet! Pipe cleaners are fairly accessible and can be found in various craft, dollar, online and retail stores. Bend your heart away by making a pipe cleaner bouquet this coming Mother’s Day.

2. Origami

With origami, all you need is some colored paper and patience. Find a video tutorial of their favorite flowers and start folding. The levels of intricacy greatly range for origami, so there’s no excuse for anyone not to attempt!

3. Crochet

Looks like it’s time to start spending more time with grandma. This one may take a bit of experience, however it’s never too late to learn! You can customize these babies through color as well as yarn texture, really adding to the final product of your gift.

4. Legos

Stop by your local Lego store and pick up a box of flowers today! They have several types of bouquets, including roses, orchids and wildflowers. Either pre-build and decorate these flowers yourself, or gift the set and you and your mom can spend some quality time by building the bouquet together.

5. Plushies

Maybe mom’s a Sanrio-lover? What if the social media posts they’ve been liking haven’t been showing up on your page? Luckily, this is your sign! Center your bouquet around their favorite character in plush form, Sanrio or not. Decorate with complimenting colors of flowers and there you have it, a perfect token of love and appreciation for anyone you want to celebrate this Mother’s Day!

Although we’ve only listed five variations here, the possibilities are truly endless! You can explore different platforms such as Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram for inspiration and tutorials to get you started. Get creative by adding your own finishing touches, such as intertwining a few fairy lights, wrapping the bouquet in their favorite colors of tissue paper or hiding a special note within your personalized present. And remember, even if your DIY flowers don’t turn out exactly Pinterest-perfect, it’s the thought that counts.

Featured Image via Adobe Stock

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