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10 Snacks/Foods To Try When You’re High  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups I did some research and most people voted for this as their high snack. This little chocolate will blow your mind away, as it did mine. I finished a bag the last time and I don’t regret the calories. What are calories anyway?  Chocolates White, dark,…

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UCLA vs USC – Just the #Facts

Fellow Bruins and Trojans gathered at the Rose Bowl on November 17th for the highly anticipated UCLA vs USC football game. We all know the best school came out on top, therefore it’s only necessary, that we look deeply into the #Facts regarding both schools and uncover evidence that will clearly show who runs LA.…

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California in Flames

As any student on campus would notice, the air quality throughout L.A. has dropped significantly. The hazy skies and falling ash would also help one conclude that something is amiss. This disturbance is due to the multitude of fires that have been raging throughout California. It seems as though the massive wildfires that have ravaged…

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