Valentine’s Playlist 2024: Songs of self-love

by Chloe Nimpoeno

In the three-part series “Valentine’s Playlist 2024,” we will celebrate the season of love with music that captures all types of relationships.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is all around. No matter what type of relationship love takes form in this February, there is always a song you can tune your life to.

Self-love is just one of the expressions of love to celebrate this season. Here are 10 songs that express the beauty of loving yourself!

Greatest Love of All — Whitney Houston

Originally sung by George Benson in 1977, Whitney Houston’s powerful yet sentimental voice reminds us that the greatest love of all is within ourselves. This classic ballad has a nostalgic sound perfect for solo walks in the chilly February air.

Ridin’ Solo — Jason Derulo

From the music video’s iconic transition in the beginning to the classic pop 2000s sound, Jason Derulo delivers an upbeat tune about feeling good on our own. Whether you need a pick-me-up or a feel good song to match your mood, this track is an undeniable celebration of ridin’ solo.

Good Days — SZA

A personal favorite of mine, SZA’s “Good Days” does a good job of capturing a moment in the midst of healing. Although this song is not quite as explicit in its message of self-love, it addresses the struggles of self-love while believing that there will be better days for oneself on the horizon.

Love Yourself — Phora

With a simple, soothing instrumental, Phora’s raw lyrics are highlighted in this track as he reassures audiences that despite obstacles in life, everyone has the ability to overcome them and eventually love themselves. Self-love is not a linear nor easy journey most of the time, and listening to this song can help reconcile that.

You Don’t Own Me — Lesley Gore

One of the most well loved songs for the ages, Lesley Gore’s hit is a feel good anthem for anybody who finds themselves solo this season. With the triumphant instrumental and audible joy in the vocals in the chorus, it’s easy to agree with Gore’s love of being young and free.

Love Yourz — J. Cole

The piano, drums and flow just make you want to put your hands in the air and wave them without a care in the world. J. Cole pays tribute to his own experiences while reminding listeners that there is no life greater than your own.


Backed by a powerful 90s house beat, Beyoncé has us believing that no one can break our spirit. This dance track is as refreshing as its message of building your own foundation to love yourself. Here’s to building that new foundation in 2024!

Be Good to Yourself — Journey

Journey continues to deliver songs that make us feel good about ourselves. Not only do their other hits encourage us to not stop believing, but this track has also taken the time to remind us that we must treat ourselves kindly in the face of adversity — all while getting us up on our feet to the upbeat instrumental.

Unwritten — Natasha Bedingfield

A karaoke classic with an important message of living up to your potential and embracing your own life — what could be better? Natasha Bedingfield celebrates the simple things in life that we have the power to experience. This tune is perfect in serving as motivation to continue working towards a future of all the possibilities your life has to offer.

Good Life — OneRepublic

Talk about the good life! OneRepublic touches on the beauty of youth, travel, friends, new connections and invaluable memories. Self-love walks hand in hand with the love of life, and there is no other song that sounds like a celebration of the freedom of life as much as this song.

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Make sure to tune in next Wednesday for the second part of our three-part series, where we will feature songs to celebrate the love found in friendships.

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