Campus to red carpet: Scoring premiere tickets in Westwood!

by Elaina Nassoura

The Regency Theater, also known as the Fox Theater, is a landmark cinema right in the heart of Westwood. Famous for hosting countless Hollywood movie premiers, this historic venue might seem like an elusive dream. However, UCLA students have the opportunity to step into the spotlight and experience the magic firsthand!

Recently, the theater has hosted premieres for high-profile films including “Challengers,” “Spider Man: Across The Spider Verse” and popular Netflix shows such as “Queen Charlotte” and “Never Have I Ever.” Students have the ability to be a part of the experience through a variety of options.

Applying online

Various websites offer fans, including college students, the chance to apply online for a coveted spot to watch the red carpet and attend the screening with the actors. The most well-known website is 1iota, known for providing free fan experiences. Simply create an account, check online to see if there are any events that you want to attend, and then write a brief note as to why you want to attend. If they accept your request, you are given the option of getting one or two tickets. Another similar site is Gofobo though they do not have as much access or guarantee as 1iota.

Fair warning! Securing tickets does not guarantee a seat inside the theater. If they accept your request, you’ll receive your ticket and event details. Fans gather at a designated meeting spot and wait in line for about an hour or two before the screening starts. Arrive early as tickets are limited, and you might not get a seat if you come too close to the check-in deadline. The earlier you get there, the better luck of a guaranteed spot.

Going in person

Another less likely opportunity is going to the box office an hour or so before the premier and asking if there are any additional tickets. For less popular premieres, there may be unclaimed seats and the theater might be looking to distribute extra tickets to fill the venue.

Once you’re in

Yay!! You’ve made it! Upon entering the classic Hollywood-esque lobby, the concession workers offer you complimentary fountain drinks and popcorn. There is a short period of time where you are allowed to socialize and explore the theater before there is an announcement signaling everyone to take their seats. Once seated, the actors typically go up to the front to share a few words about the project before the screening begins. The actors either leave early into the screening or wait until after the movie or show ends for the crowds to die down before exiting. Many fans try to get photos with the celebrities at the end, but remember to be respectful.

Good luck and enjoy the magic of Hollywood right here in Westwood!

Featured Image via Adobe Stock

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