Valentine’s Playlist 2024: Songs of friendship

by Chloe Nimpoeno

In the three-part series “Valentine’s Playlist 2024,” we will celebrate the season of love with music that captures all types of relationships.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is all around. No matter what type of relationship love takes form in this February, there is always a song you can tune your life to.

Friendship is just one of the expressions of love to celebrate this season. Here are 10 songs that express the beauty of friendships!

You’re My Best Friend — Queen

One of the many hits from the iconic group Queen, this track celebrates the happiness a friend can provide in one’s life, no matter what the world throws their way. The feel-good sound of the song makes for the perfect soundtrack for sunny excursions with best friends.

Best Friend — Brandy

Brandy’s smooth tune emphasizes the everlasting love and dependency of best friends. Dedicated to her brother, this song can also be seen as a celebration of the love between siblings who are close to each other and consider themselves friends.

Lean On Me — Bill Withers

Arguably one of the most recognizable songs in the world, this Bill Withers classic highlights the strength of camaraderie. Accompanied by Withers’ beautiful voice, the song is known to move listeners, eliciting feelings of hope and love. This song is considered a timeless hit, and its message of friendship can also be felt across generations.

Chosen Family — Rina Sawayama and Elton John

With a beautiful and simple instrumental, Rina Sawayama and Elton John’s voices clearly deliver a message of how friends can be like family. Originally written as a love letter to the LGBTQ+ community, this song can speak to so many people of different situations and backgrounds. This track takes love within friendship to a deeper level.

Best Friend — Conan Gray

Conan Gray may poke fun at the silly side of friendship in the lyrics of this track, but he still emphasizes the unbreakable bond between best friends through thick and thin. Complete with an outro mimicking a phone call with a friend, listeners will be reminded of the shenanigans friends can get up to when they’re together.

True Friend — Hannah Montana

A blast from the past! Even if you and your friends didn’t bond over a Hannah Montana obsession when you were younger, the theme of friendship is still clear as ever. With the first line mentioning signing letters with “BFF,” this song takes us back to childhood friendships and their everlasting love and memories.

Count On Me — Bruno Mars

Driven by a simple message, this song lists a million things one would do to show how much they care for their friend. No matter how trivial or significant the request, friendship is about being able to count on each other to be there. This song is a perfect way to remind your friend how much you care about them, without overly cheesy lyrics.

Umbrella — Rihanna feat. Jay-Z

As the honorary karaoke classic of the list, this track captures friendship with the sentiment of standing under the same umbrella. Given the weather motif, it is a perfect sing-along song for a rainy drive with your friends!

I’ll Be There For You — The Rembrandts

It didn’t feel right to have a list surrounding friendship without including the soundtrack for a show all about friends. The repeated lyric “I’ll be there for you” is a comforting reminder of a friend’s loyalty, and the fact that it was the “Friends” theme song is a testament to how significant the song is to celebrating friendship.

Thank You For Being a Friend — Andrew Gold

Speaking of theme songs, “Thank You For Being a Friend” is most well known for its constant appearance on “Golden Girls,” a show highlighting the trials and tribulations of a lifetime of friendship. Even without the knowledge of Dorothy, Rose and Blanche, this song is perfect to show your appreciation for a friend who has always been there for you and will continue to do so.

Make sure to tune in next Wednesday for the final part of our three-part series with songs to celebrate the love found in romantic relationships.

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