Is running the new 2024 aesthetic?

by Carol Nasr

There are so many great benefits to running, and studies have demonstrated the importance of incorporating this sport into your life. According to John Hopkins Medicine, the effects of running are positive for not only your body but also your mind and mental health. When exercising, endorphins are released, making you naturally happier as well as more relaxed. At this point you might be wondering: if endorphins come from other workouts as well, why would I run? Answer: for the runner’s high. Runner’s high “is a brief, deeply relaxing state of euphoria,” as defined by Healthline. Many individuals who have experienced runner’s high claim once they have found this feeling, the run becomes easier and they feel less pain. Not only is running mentally good for you but also physically good for you. You will likely have improved cardiovascular health, muscle density and more. Adding this form of movement is not something you should miss; running is an activity that is always providing inspiration.

Now that we know some of the benefits of this form of exercise, what is the hype surrounding running in 2024? As seen on TikTok, running has become a romanticized aesthetic. Those who run are highly praised and are a new type of fitness influencer. The good thing about running is that you can run for whatever distance you desire while still experiencing it all. Run clubs, where people meet or run depending on the location, have now seemed to become a new dating platform. News outlets have started to pick up on this, with articles from New York Post or SBS News claiming how this form of activity has become a hit. Influencers such as Reneé Noe have even gone viral for organizing run clubs across the United States. These run clubs are a fantastic way to make friends, gain a workout and push yourself to new levels while having fun. It appears to be something you would not want to miss out on. The more popular run clubs have become, the more popular running has become.

Not only have run clubs gained a lot of attention, but social media users have become more interested in running and training. Things such as getting ready for a run, recovery, trails, “follow along a run” or even marathon training seem to have increased. Although it is not for everyone, there has been more hype surrounding it, and a desire for improved accessibility. The cool thing about running is that you can do it anywhere and receive the many benefits and joys of joining a welcoming community. Apps such as Strava have a strong presence, as you can share your passion with others, learning from them and becoming the best version of yourself. Running is highly unlikely to lose its hype, as many people have come to find love for this increasingly popular activity and enjoy the benefits. Combining a run with other types of workouts makes this exercise beneficial for everyone. You could be taking a jog or training intensely for a marathon, and yet you will receive the same benefits. The experience is even better with friends. Ditch dating apps and join a run club, or opt out on a day of cardio and instead go on a run. The hype surrounding running is valid and amplifies the positivity in this modern world.

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