Cute Date Ideas: UCLA

by Lila Hearn

Photo by Lila Hearn

The weather is cooling down, and cuffing season is fast approaching. If you’re looking to start something, here are some busy-schedule and budget friendly date ideas for UCLA students, complete with cheesy Instagram captions!

Hammer Museum

The Hammer museum is free, and located within walking distance from campus. Art museums are classic date locations for a reason! A nice place for photos, too. (Cheesy Instagram caption idea: “The most beautiful piece of art was standing right next to me.”)

Picnic on Janss Hill

Janss Hill is great in the afternoon or evening. You could swipe for some food on the Hill and head down there with a couple blankets, and spend time talking, people watching, or watching the sunset. This would be more personal and intimate, if that’s what you’re looking for. (Cheesy Instagram caption idea: “The view was amazing. Oh, and I guess the sunset was nice too.”)

Sports Game

The most obvious choice would be a football game, but all UCLA sports games are great date options. I recommend bringing a blanket and watching a soccer game! (Cheesy Instagram caption idea: “I really scored with this one.”)

Study Room

For when finals season and cuffing season overlap, reserving a study room for a study date can be a great way to spend some time together while still getting work done. Plus, seeing how someone acts when they’re stressed can tell you a lot about them for the future. (Cheesy Instagram caption idea: “The cutest study buddy at UCLA.”)

Kerckhoff Coffee House

Good for meeting up with someone for the first time, the Coffee House is a cute but very casual, public place to get together and see where things go! (Cheesy Instagram caption idea: “She perks me up like coffee.”)

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