Top 5 Things You Take For Granted Before Coming to College

by Victoria Delamora

There are things that you go through life not knowing you’re grateful for. They are simple things that you don’t even think twice about; they’e always there and you never have to think about living life without them. That is, however, until you come to college. These are the things that you definitely took for granted before coming to college:

  1. Your dog

 Photo by Victoria Delamora

Your dog would greet you every time you came home, but that is not the case in college. No more greetings for you!

2. Sleeping

Photo by Victoria Delamora

When was the last time you slept without being woken up by your roommate, noisy neighbors, or a blaring fire alarm? I bet you would give anything to spend a night in your bed at home.

3. Not being sick

Photo by Victoria Delamora

Do you remember being able to breathe through both nostrils or not feeling like you’re going to die from holding in a cough during lecture? Because I don’t.

4. Not having to walk everywhere

Photo by Victoria Delamora

Branching out and going to different dining halls sounds like a good idea until you remember you have to hike up the death stairs. It’s a big change from having everything conveniently in your kitchen at home.

5. Doing laundry

Photo by Victoria Delamora

Doing laundry in college is a mission. Taking all your clothes to the laundry room, waiting for open machines, and even finding time in your busy schedule is a struggle. It’s so much easier at home where you could do it leisurely, or better yet, when your mom would do it.

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