Study playlist

by Espy De La O

There’s a single sentence on the document opened before you, and it’s been that way for several hours now. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to think of a fluid transition from one sentence to the next. As minutes pass and your paper’s deadline creeps ever closer, you decide to turn to the study playlist tucked away for moments like these. What’s the first song you put on?

Here are 10 song and album recommendations from fellow UCLA students and myself to help enhance your study experience.

1. According to student Araceli Correa, “One Summer’s Day” by Joe Hisaishi is a go-to song for studying, stating, “It’s really nice and calming and also very nostalgic for me.” “One Summer’s Day” transports listeners to long-forgotten childhood memories that do well in alleviating the stress of schoolwork.

2. One student, who wishes to remain anonymous, recommends the album “Crawl Space” by Art Farmer or any albums resembling it as the perfect study music. “Any music that has anyone singing is very distracting. Silence is better.” Indeed, “Crawl Space” does well in making one’s fingers type as quickly as the tapping of their feet.

3. “Like I Need U” by Keshi helps student Ignacio Ochoa study because “(t)he beat is soft enough, so it’s not distracting, but catchy enough to keep me engaged. I used to listen to instrumentals or classical music but I kept falling asleep, so lo-fi has been my preferred genre for studying.”

4. “Aruarian Dance” by Nujabes is the definition of vibing-while-studying. Nothing is more relaxing than slipping headphones on, turning this song up and burying your head in a textbook.

5. “Buttercup” by Jack Stauber grabs one’s attention just enough to force them to focus on the schoolwork in front of them. Whether it be flashcards to memorize, a paper to write or equations to solve, this song will provide a comforting presence as you puzzle over your assignments.

6. The soft croons of Pink Sweat$ in his song “Honesty” push the listener into a state of serenity, one that is often hard to come by in the midst of work. Instead of leading the listener astray into a world of distraction, however, “Honesty” feels like a background conversation, keeping you awake and stirring your train of thought back on track.

7. “Workinonit” by J Dilla has the perfect beat to get you motivated and concentrated. Using choppy samples to create an even, steady opening track to his last record “Donut” (which everyone should check out as well), Dilla urges the listener to “work” on their work.

8. The album “Awake” by Tycho settles into the background and slips into your mind in an accompanying instead of imposing way. It keeps one’s mind from wandering too far by gently guiding focus to the task at hand.

9. “Everything You Do is a Balloon” by Boards of Canada is equivalent to the feeling of remembering someone else’s memories. With a perfect blend of nostalgia and melancholy, this song will have you scrambling to finish up your studying so that you can ponder over the meaning of life later.

10. Drunk on coffee but still falling asleep? “Voyager,” an instrumental track from Daft Punk’s album “Discovery,” has the perfect beats for late-night studying. Not only will this song have you nodding your head along to the rhythm, but it will also melt away any and all fatigue as well.

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