Cafes for finals week

by Jared Ramil

Within the two remaining weeks of spring quarter, there is only enough time to explore the Los Angeles scene. But how can you possibly venture out when you also have to squeeze in study time for finals week? The solution to this is simple: cafes.

Memory Look

Within 25 minutes from UCLA is Memory Look, the renowned cafe located in Koreatown. “It provides minimalistic vibes like other cafes in Koreatown,” said Helen Tremble, a second year student studying art.

“I’m a big fan of cafe architecture and interior design,” explained Tremble. In addition to its physical attraction, Memory Look attracts students with its menu. The cafe offers a variety of unique items, specifically the einspanner lattes, a type of espresso beverage topped with creamy foam.

The cafe also offers a variety of seating areas, both indoor and outdoor. “The ambience is very studious because a lot of people study there,” said Tremble.

So, make sure to be on the lookout for Memory Look when you are in Koreatown!

Cafe Terrasse

Koreatown is an ideal area where you can hop from cafes to another. Named after an Vincent Van Gogh painting, Cafe Terrasse is another cafe in this area. It is known for its coffee and brunch.

“It is not that busy and not that distracting.” Sophie Viray described, a fourth year student studying international development and Korean. “The taiyaki is good!”

If you enjoy studying in a cafe, you will definitely want to see this place!

About Time

If you have cafe-hopped to Memory Look and Cafe Terrasse, it is about time… you study at About Time! Whether you are coming from Memory Look or Cafe Terrasse, you will walk about twenty minutes to a two-story Wilshire cafe. It is home to a variety of lattes, desserts and pastries!

“I went in [to the cafe] then you see everyone with a matcha…it was one of the best [menu items] they have. It feels rich and not watery,” said Kura Manisa, a fourth year student studying Biology. Similar to Memory Look, they are known for their einspanner lattes.

With its two floors, there is so much room to study for exams. “There is a lot of seating actually and the second-floor is better if you want to be focused.” The floor offers a variety of tables and chairs, along with a window view of the cafe.

Bonsai Coffee Bar

If you desire to branch out of Koreatown and try cafes in other Los Angeles area, Sawtelle is the perfect spot! Only a ten minute drive, you will get to walk around the variety of Asian restaurants and shops and, most importantly, Bonsai Coffee Bar. It is described as a homage to Asian roots, featuring its renowned matcha and pastries.

“The wi-fi was good! You can connect pretty easily and the music taste is good.” said Beyonce Gabriel, a second year student studying biology. Additional benefits include free garage parking on Federal Avenue and daily hours from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Drinks wise, the mango matcha was good! I would go again!” said Gabriel. However, she added that there are limited seating and there are two sections where you are prohibited from using your laptop.

With these limitations in mind and finding the right time to visit, you will have a great time at Bonsai!

Crepes de Paris

Located in the Promenade Towers, Crepes De Paris is among the underrated cafes in Los Angeles. “It is a hidden gem because you won’t find it immediately when you Google [cafes]” says Chrisella Cordero, a second year student studying biochemistry. A 25 minute drive from campus, Crepes De Paris has the luxury of sweetness and studiousness.

“The ambience is very different because cafes are very modern nowadays,” Cordero added. “I like the environment because it radiates Paris, France vibrations.” Beyond its environment, Crepes de Paris also offers outdoor seating.

“It is a nice place to look around if you need a study break.”

Within the last few weeks at UCLA, be sure to look at an array of these unique cafes while going out for some exploration!

Featured Image via Adobe Stock

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