High-protein meals around Westwood

by Batool Al yousif

The pursuit of maintaining a high-protein diet frequently takes a backseat in the hectic life of a professional or student, where deadlines are looming and schedules are packed. On days filled with lectures, homework and meetings, making wholesome, high-protein meals from scratch seems like a luxury. Acknowledging this common situation, I’ve put together an extensive guide to the top high-protein restaurants in Westwood and on the UCLA campus, tailored for the days when cooking is out of the question but you’re still firmly committed to your nutritional goals.

Hibachi Papi

For those who want a big portion of protein and a combination of flavors, Hibachi Papi is a strong competitor. A popular dish is the shrimp and steak combo platter, which has a delicious combination of seafood and meat to satisfy your cravings for protein while also pleasing the eye. With the delicious option of the chicken and steak combo, Hibachi Papi guarantees that every visit brings you one step closer to your fitness objectives while indulging your senses with the alluring scents of Japanese food.


Go a little farther into Westwood and you’ll come upon Gushi, an iconic spot for fans of Korean food. A classic dish, the Korean short ribs plate combines the tenderest beef cuts with traditional marinades for a protein-rich lunch that will take you right to the heart of Seoul. It’s the ideal option for people looking for real food to break up the monotony of a hectic day, in addition to sustenance.

Panda Express in Ackerman Union

In Ackerman Union, Panda Express is a campus icon for fuel and ease. When served with brown rice or mixed veggies on the side, grilled Asian chicken becomes a well-balanced, high-protein meal perfect for people who are pressed for time. It proves that timely service and wholesome food can coexist, giving customers the much-needed energy boost they need between meetings or classes.

Hangry Moon

With a range of options to suit every dietary preference, Hangry Moon’s provides a contemporary take on the traditional protein bowl. No matter how many calories you have all day, Hangry Moon’s makes sure that your protein intake is spot on with everything from their protein and rice bowls to their decadent fried chicken bits combo.


At Cava, where the make-your-own-bowl concept allows for unlimited customization, Mediterranean flavors take center stage. Whether you’re more of a fan of falafel, grilled chicken or spicy lamb meatballs, Cava has an abundance of protein selections paired with colorful, fresh toppings that turn every meal into a wholesome feast catered to your preferences.


Sweetfin allows you to customize your poke bowl for a less caloric but no less protein-rich option. It is demonstrated that eating high-protein food can be both enjoyable and healthy by allowing customers to mix and match wholesome toppings, fresh fish and spicy sauces to create a meal that is both nourishing and refreshing.


Finally, a fast-food substitute that doesn’t compromise on protein is Chick-fil-A. The unexpectedly high protein content of the mac and cheese and the grilled chicken nuggets make for a quick and filling dinner that helps you stick to your diet even while you’re on the run.

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Navigating the culinary scene of Westwood and the UCLA campus with a focus on protein does not have to be difficult. The restaurants listed in this guide provide a diverse range of options to ensure that, even on your busiest days, you can enjoy meals that are not only quick and convenient but also in line with your health and fitness goals. Each location was chosen for its ability to provide delicious, protein-rich meals that cater to the active lifestyles of students and professionals alike. This guide demonstrates that, even amid a whirlwind of daily obligations, maintaining a protein- and nutrient-rich diet is not only possible but also accessible and enjoyable.

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