First-rate study spots every Bruin should explore

by Annika Anbiai-Fard

Finding the perfect study spot is a daunting task for anyone, but especially for hard-working college students juggling three to five classes, extracurricular activities and a social life. Luckily, UCLA offers an array of impressive libraries and other lesser-known spaces. Let’s explore the best academic locations on campus and the Hill, unpacking their different environments and advantages.

Powell Library

Powell Library tops this list, of course. Built in 1929, it graces Dickson Plaza with intricate Romanesque architecture sure to amaze any passerby. Inside, its bottom floor, labeled “Research and Writing Help,” promotes creative collaboration. This level blends various atmospheres into one, containing wooden desks, comfy booths, swivel chairs and counter stools. Its earth-tone interior makes studying a peaceful, pleasant experience. Whiteboards help Bruins complete the latest calculations, either by themselves or with classmates.

Higher up, the Campus Library Instructional Computing Commons (CLICC) Lab provides convenient virtual desktops and access to software like Python and Stata. Several loop booths, or soundproof pods, produce personal study areas. They are equipped with power sockets, USB ports, light sources and storage spaces. Just visit the UCLA Library website to make a reservation! The CLICC center also boasts a marvelous multitude of books certain to augment students’ papers or simply enhance general knowledge. Genres include recent fiction, social justice, graphic literature and even cookbooks.

Night Powell, located across from the lab, constructs a conspicuously quieter setting. It holds many enclosed, private desks great for “locking in” before midterms or finals. Its tables build a grand overnight reading room as well. Nature-inspired artwork lines the perimeter, adding tranquility to visitors’ mountains of homework. Perhaps its most unique feature, the group study rooms encourage teamwork between five to eight people. They are furnished with cozy couches, a white board and a helpful mobile screen.

Young Research Library

Resting in the heart of North Campus, the Charles E. Young Research Library is another amazing choice. The first floor crafts a fun, friendly study environment. It contains twenty collaboration pods, each equipped with an LCD screen and seats for about seven students. These structures radiate with vibrant hues of blue, green and orange. They add a splash of color to the most stressful assignments, complementing bright illustrations adorning the walls. This chic style provides the contemporary counterpart to Powell’s timeless elegance.

In addition, the first floor holds a sizable reading room. This silent spot includes a comprehensive reference collection as well as several power outlets, a printer and a photocopier. Café 451 is a nearby dining option, making YRL a go-to place during lunch hours. It serves brewed coffee, espresso drinks, tea and specialty drinks. Tasty treats make YRL an inviting option compared to other locations, exciting Bruins’ taste buds with crinkle cookies, Biscoff brownies, toasted coconut coffee cake and more!

Higher stories facilitate quality work free from noise. The second floor is home to the Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library, providing many resources for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Studies. The remaining floors have single desks and endless shelves of books. The third contains materials related to history, philosophy, psychology and religion. In contrast, the fourth focuses on political science, education, and fine arts. The fifth includes texts about agriculture, technology and naval science. Onsite guides highlight these details so students always know where to find the information they need.

The Study

The Study is an excellent academic location on the Hill, balancing restaurant and library functions. Sitting in Hedrick Court, it serves customizable pizzas, sandwiches and salads that give Bruins an extra burst of energy while they study. Its mouthwatering desserts make the perfect reward for finished assignments or aced exams. Try the German chocolate cake or milk chocolate cream tart, to name a few. Near the entrance, a snug fireplace brings people together and imbues the entire setting with warmth. Stylish sofas and tables further enrich its collaborative atmosphere.

The Study also offers opportunities for quiet, individual learning. Four private rooms contain a television and writable wall, and can be reserved on the Residential Life webpage. In the center of this dining arena, a large glass room creates another layer of intellectual stimulation. Its bright light is sure to focus students’ attention on tasks at hand. The Study Den, or Blue Room, is a more hidden, underrated choice adjacent to the food pick-up stations. Its ceiling is painted with celestial designs, producing a harmonious ambiance where Bruins can both literally and figuratively study under the stars. It emits blue light that has been linked to alertness and memory through the activation of different neural pathways.

Well, that finishes this journey to first-rate study spots at UCLA! Check out these locations and others to discover the perfect place for every academic occasion.

Featured Image Photographed by Emily Chandler/BruinLife

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