Upcoming Events in Los Angeles

by Ela Koksal

1. Dapper Day at LACMA

“Urban Light” by Chris Burden has been a bright spot on Wilshire for LACMA since 2008. (2010 Museum Associates, LACMA)

How does attending a Swinging Soirée at one of the most prestigious locations at Los Angeles
sound? If your answer is pretty good, you should attend the Dapper Day party at LACMA on the
26th of January. Get ready to dance all night while enjoying top quality European Artwork!

2. Chinese New Year Festival

Credit: O.C. Lee

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with LA’s Chinese Community and many more enthusiasts who are
attending this annual event. Taking place in various locations throughout Los Angeles on the 26th
and 27th of January, attending these festivals are a great way to celebrate your culture, or get to
know a new tradition!

3. LA Art Show


The Los Angeles Art Show is one of the longest running art installations in the country. Containing
a lot of different art forms such as modern art, historic art, and traditional art; this place is a must-
see for every art lover. Be sure to add this event to your calendar between the 23rd and the 27th of

4. Elton John ConcertIt won’t be an exaggeration to say that everyone loves Elton John. Don’t miss your last chance to
see one of the most influential and ground-breaking artists in history on his farewell tour. He is
performing for six nights from January 22 to February 2nd, so go buy your tickets before it’s too


5. Rare Books L.A.
The Rare Books L.A. is taking place in the Pasadena Convention Center on the 1st and 2nd of
February. This fair is the perfect place to see the original editions of your favorite books, find more
books from your favorite author or discover new genres that you will love! Book lovers, this is the
perfect way to spend a weekend dedicated to your passion!

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