UCLA Roundnet Team 5th in the Nation

by Lila Hearn

UCLA’s Roundnet Club teammates Jason Rhoads and Ryan Baillargeon are ranked fifth in the country, after proving themselves in several tournaments this year.

Jason Rhoads (furthest left) standing next to partner Ryan Baillargeon

Roundnet (also known by the popular name Spikeball) has gained popularity at UCLA and all across the nation as both a casual beach game and a serious sport. It can be played almost anywhere, needing only two teams of two and a Roundnet set. Junior Ryan Baillargeon is the founder and president of UCLA’s Roundnet Club, which has gained plenty of popularity in just two years since its founding. He and sophomore Jason Rhoads make up the team Musty-er (the duo’s team name is a tribute to the team name of their good friends from Cal Poly SLO, Musty, who are also nationally ranked).

Jason Rhoads practicing at Sunset Rec

The sport fosters a real sense of community. The UCLA Roundnet Club practices weekly at Sunset Rec, is open to anyone with an interest in the game, and has even applied to be an official club sport next year. More experienced players gladly help those just starting out, and several teams of two compete in tournaments representing UCLA.

Traveling members of the UCLA Roundnet Club

Rhoads describes the sport to those who have never heard of it as “like volleyball, but the change of possession happens when the ball hits the net, as opposed to going over.” His favorite part of the game is the community of players, and the “fun competitive vibe” of everyone involved.

Ryan Baillargeon (furthest right) practicing with friends at Sunset Rec

UCLA Roundnet is only getting bigger. Anyone interested in playing is encouraged to contact Ryan at [email protected]

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