Top 5 off-campus cafes for studying

by Elizabeth Ahne

Finding the best place to study and be productive on campus can be difficult. Sometimes, stepping off campus to study and get work done with a coffee or your favorite beverage is just the solution. Here are the top five off-campus cafes in Westwood for group or solo studying.

1. Meet Fresh

Located not far from campus, this cafe provides one of the best study environments with plenty of comfortable booths and solo chairs, a good atmosphere with soft music in the background, and many charging outlets for elongated studying periods. They specialize in boba, milk teas, fruit teas and small desserts.

Overall rating — Location: 9/10. Beverages: 9/10.

2. Elysee Bakery & Cafe

Elysee offers Westwood residents a quiet and peaceful environment for studying with free Wi-Fi. The seating isn’t as comfortable as some other places, but they have a great selection of espresso drinks and frozen drinks, such as smoothies. They also have good food options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a large selection of pastries.

Overall rating — Location: 8/10. Beverages: 8/10.

3. Espresso Profeta

Espresso Profeta’s espresso drinks are amazing, and the staff is always friendly. There is a nice indoor space for studying with comfortable seating as well a small patio with seating outdoors for when the weather is warmer.

Overall rating — Location: 8/10. Beverages: 8/10.

4. Upside Down

Upside Down provides a great environment for studying with friends or working on group projects. There are couches to study on as well as seats next to the window for great natural lighting that is ideal for productive studying. You get to choose the price of your coffee since purchases are donation-based. It’s very close to campus and is an easy walk, so this location is nice for people who don’t stay too long at coffee shops and just want to stop by for a little bit.

Overall rating — Location: 9/10. Beverages: 7/10.

5. Albert’s Coffee

Finally, Albert’s Coffee is a cute place to study at with good seating and a relaxing environment. They have great espresso drinks with lots of non-dairy milk alternatives, as well as matcha and a wide selection of teas to choose from. It is a little far from campus, so the walk there will be more worth it for people who study for more than three hours at a time and spend a longer time at coffee shops.

Overall rating — Location 8/10. Beverages: 8/10.

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