The U.S. Recognizes the Killing of 1.5 Million Armenians in 1915 as a Genocide

by Kristine Aramyan

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Biden addressed the killings in a statement on Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day by writing, “The American people honor all those Armenians who perished in the genocide that began 106 years ago today.”

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April 24, 1915 marked the start of the Armenian Genocide, which was a systematic murder and ethnic cleansing of Armenians.

It has taken 106 years for the United States to use the term ‘genocide,’ instead of ‘massacre.’

Not only was this recognition both a historical and monumental moment for Armenians and Armenian history, but it has been a recognition long overdue.

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History is an essential tool needed to maintain an understanding of what has occurred in prior generations, so that no such devastating events ever happen again.

Knowing history and understanding what has occurred throughout human civilization is essential, in order for repetition to not occur.

Evidently, such changes need to start with those individuals that hold the power to encourage changes and demand justice. We, as constituents of society, need to voice change and not oblige to the oppressive system that lacks this, but utilize the facts and history we have within topics such as ethnic cleansing, to weave out any future racial, ethnic, gender or cultural prejudice.

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