Staying Safe During the Holidays

by Megha Gupta

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered everyday life during this past year, and the holidays will be no different. With a drastic rise in cases over the last month, it is more important than ever to follow CDC guidelines to stay safe. Although the holidays may look different than past years, there are still many ways for families to enjoy the season while staying safe.

CDC Recommendations

The CDC has consistently recommended wearing a mask when out in public as well as staying six feet apart from each other while out. Wearing a mask is one of the most important ways to protect yourself and your family members from contracting the virus, and staying six feet apart is an extra protection measure to prevent spreading the virus. While many holiday traditions may not be held due to the pandemic, there are still some holiday attractions operating under safe conditions. Sites such as Christmas lights or Christmas villages have required visitors to wear masks while visiting in order to protect themselves and their employees. They also have placed markers around the attractions to encourage staying six feet away.

Zoom Communications

Zoom has become the primary video app used during the course of this pandemic to communicate with friends and family while in quarantine. With the upcoming holidays and the unchanging situation, using Zoom is the safest way to see extended family. In the absence of large family gatherings, Zoom provides an easy way for family members to enjoy the holiday together and still feel in the holiday spirit. Zoom replaces the hustle of rushing to the airport and the stress of scheduling and rescheduling flights during one of the busiest times of the year. Its a stress free way to see your family while enjoying yourself and saving money.

Online Shopping

Malls become the most crowded during the holidays as everyone is rushing to get that perfect gift for their loved ones. However, they provide the worst environment during the pandemic because of their insulated indoor buildings. In order to stay safe, online shopping is the best way to order holiday gifts while avoiding the risk of contacting Covid-19. Almost all store have a website buyers can easily access to complete their perfect wishlist and have their items safely delivered to their homes. This prevents crowding inside the malls and ensures an easy alternative and stress reliever to having to rush around the mall.

Holiday Gatherings

Every year, families enjoy visiting friends at holiday parties and throwing get togethers to celebrate the upcoming season. This year, it is unsafe to have large gatherings of people for holiday celebrations. Large gatherings don’t encourage the CDC recommendation of staying six feet apart, and being close together in an enclosed space provides the biggest risk of spreading Covid-19. Instead, spend the time with you close family members at home watching movies and cooking holiday meals together. Take the time to relax and get into the holiday spirit by only celebrating with those you live with or quarantine with.

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