Rave Reasonz

by Bao Yi Tan

This past weekend, I was studying for midterms as I needed it. However, the weekend before Halloween, a rave was happening in San Bernardino. It was Escape: Psycho Circus. It was my first rave in about two years. Why did I return to this? Here are 6 big reasons! 

  1. Express yourself freely: Even though it’s halloween themed, you could also dress up as anything! There was even a Rick (Rick & Morty) in the midst of everything that was happening. Just be yourself! No one is going to judge, seriously. (It’s like being a character in a wonderland)
  2. Community: You don’t have to like EDM to be part of the community (because I didn’t when I first went to EDC, aka Electric Daisy Carnival, two years ago). I was called a rave baby and so you will be too. You will be welcome with open arms & kandies. Here’s one from me: Sleep, rave, eat, repeat! 😉 
  3. Theme(s): Raves are usually themed. This rave had a halloween theme. There was an interactive haunted maze and people were dressed up in “scary” (they were dancing, so they did not look intimidating) outfits.
  4. Location: You are in Los Angeles – the center of arts & entertainment. Going to a rave will be easy access and it will be a different experience from a frat party.
  5. Longer than a concert: Sometimes 2-3 hours is too short? Want to dance the day & night away? Go to a rave. This rave started at 4 P.M. and ended at 2 A.M.
  6. New experiences/experience with the crew: As I mentioned above, you don’t have to like EDM to be part of the community. But it is nice to try something new and this could be a new experience in college.

I will be writing about my experience at Escape in my next post, along with some useful tips! (Like don’t dehydrate yourself or get a fanny pack!) Stay tuned and here’s a photo to get you excited for your new experience 🙂

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