Netflix shows to binge

by Adlyn Ogude

Some gems to add to your list on Netflix…

Gilmore Girls: This heartwarming show about a best friend duo consisting of a fun-loving but responsible mother, Lorelai Gilmore, and her hard-working, studious teenager, Rory Gilmore. The show takes place in the small fictional town of Stars Hollow in Connecticut, and it sure to make you feel cozy and comfortable. “Gilmore Girls” is the perfect cure for the midterm blues.

Community: Unfortunately, “The Office” is no longer on Netflix, but that doesn’t mean that you no longer have a humorous show to watch in your downtime. The familiarity of the characters and the clever punchlines will truly be missed, but “Community” will help you to fill the void. “Community” is a show about a group of unlikely friends forming a study group at Greendale Community College. What makes “Community” so engaging is the showrunner’s fondness for his characters, the world, and his willingness to boldly throw his characters in hilarious situations in a way that isn’t really done on television. “Community” is a show that constantly takes risks that almost always land. You really can’t find this brand of humor anywhere else.

Never Have I Ever: Are you a fan of teenage dramedies? “Never Have I Ever” is one of the best teenage dramedy shows that has come out in recent years. The show revolves around a likable lead, Devi, and delves into her culture, friendships, crushes and family conflicts. Teenage dramedies tend to have similar storylines, and sometimes, even similar characters. It can be difficult to spruce up the formula, but “Never Have I Ever” manages to include plot points that aren’t as prominent in this genre. If you’re missing shows like “Awkward,” I would definitely give this a chance. “Never Have I Ever” is a little different in tone, but your need for good teenage drama will definitely be fulfilled.

Bridgerton: Whether you’re missing “Gossip Girl” or craving a new (fictional) historical drama to watch, “Bridgerton” will more than likely fill your needs perfectly. If you haven’t watched it already, definitely give it a chance! If you’re a fan of “Gossip Girl” and are skeptical about watching a drama that’s not set in modern-day, I assure you that it is worth the risk. Between the beautiful set design, integration modern day touches such as classical versions of popular songs heard on the radio and the beautiful cinematography that tells a story all on its own, the show gives you enough to keep you engaged. For my historical drama fans, the show cares enough about your viewership to stay true to the time period within the story’s plot points. It won’t feel too jarring for you as long as you keep an open mind.

Young and Hungry: Sometimes you need a little distraction while filling out homework and studying for midterms. You need a show that you can play in the background that’s engaging enough to listen to, but not so complicated that you can still grasp every plot point when you’re not glued to the screen. “Young and Hungry” is the perfect show for this. If you ever needed a comedy that’s entertaining with a predictable format and formula, this is truly the show for you. “Young and Hungry” is perfect because it doesn’t utilize too many sets, so it’s actually quite easy to understand where the characters are and what they’re doing by hearing the conversation alone. Though it’s not necessarily a serial, the incorporation of a certain plot points that develop throughout the run of the show make the characters engaging in a way that many casual viewing shows are not. It is the perfect show that you can play in the background while you work.

Bling Empire: Wealth. Power. Crazy Rich Asians. Do you miss that movie? Are you eagerly awaiting Part 2? This show is one you can enjoy in your downtime as you wait for the second movie in the saga to finally hit the theaters.

Selling Sunset: Do you miss “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”? Real Housewives of Wherever? Turn on “Selling Sunset” right now. Thank me later, as “Selling Sunset” is the perfect balance of showing the day-to-day life of a real estate agent and the same amazing drama that we have come to love from reality TV shows.

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