Games with friends: COVID edition

by Ted Song

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It’s hard hanging out with friends in the midst of a pandemic. Now, we spend much of our time on our phones and computers, hoping to find something new in this dark age of quarantine.

Last year, Among Us became popular because it was the perfect game to play while social distancing. Not only is it exciting to kill crewmates as an impostor, but it is also easy to play this game with friends over Zoom or Discord.

Here are some other games that you can play with friends online!


In the game Codenames, players are split into two teams, one red and one blue. There are 25 cards faced down initially, each card labeled with a word on top. Nine of the cards will be red or blue on the surface facing down, depending on which team starts first. Eight of the cards will be the other color. The goal for each team is to flip all of the cards of their color before the other team flips theirs. Each team will have a spymaster who knows the location of all of the cards and will provide a clue for their team. For example, if the spymaster gives the clue “TREE 3,” the team should guess three cards that have words related to “TREE.” It’s also worth noting that there are seven white cards and one black card. If a team flips a white card, then their turn is skipped. If a team flips a black card, then they lose the game.

Webopoly and Covidopoly

The rules for Webopoly are the same as the rules for Monopoly. The only difference is that rather than using street names, Webopoly uses the names of famous companies. It is worth noting that one game is limited to up to four players.

Covidopoly is like Monopoly Deal, or the card-game version of Monopoly, but with a quarantine twist. For example, the currency is in the form of masks rather than the traditional dollar. Also, unlike regular Monopoly where players buy property, Covidopoly and Monopoly Deal allow people to steal property from other players! The first person to acquire three full sets of property wins the game!


Skribbl is an online form of Pictionary. One player draws a picture of a given word, and the other players need to guess what the word is. The faster you guess correctly, the more points you earn. As time passes, some letters of the word are given as hints in case you are stuck. However, guess quickly because there is a time limit!


In Spyfall, everyone but the spy is given a role and told the same location. The game requires players to ask each other questions about the role they have and the description of the location. The spy’s job is to figure out the location. Everyone else’s job is to figure out who the spy is. The game ends when the spy’s identity is exposed or when the spy correctly guesses the location.

Enjoy playing!

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