Foodie’s guide to UCLA

by Tobey Ho


There are seemingly endless options of delicious eateries on campus through ASUCLA. Everyone knows Ackerman Union; however, there are also so many ASUCLA restaurants scattered across campus. Next time, consider trying a different ASUCLA restaurant. Also, if you have a meal plan, make sure you stop by one of the front desks on the Hill to pick up an ASUCLA ticket for $9 towards any ASUCLA restaurant! These include anything from Panda Express to Blaze Pizza. Check out all ASUCLA restaurants and their hours here:

What about off-campus? The following are some great eateries close by to satiate your cravings.


CAVA is a great spot for delicious Mediterranean food at an affordable price. If you’ve ever been to Chipotle and wished you could have pita bread instead of a tortilla or delicious falafel instead of beans, then CAVA is right for you. There is endless customizability with the array of tasty ingredients that is offered. Opa!

3. Tocaya

If you’re looking for a modern Mexican restaurant, look no further than Tocaya. This fresh cuisine combines Mexican food with a warm California vibe. It’s a great health food option as there are options of bowls and salads that can suit your dietary needs, some containing superfoods like kale and/or quinoa. What better way to embody Los Angeles?

4. Prince of Venice Pasta & Pizza

If you have a bit more dough to spend, try your hand at Prince of Venice, an Italian restaurant that’s perfect for a nice dinner out. You can also see their famous pasta laboratory, where pasta is hand-made from scratch. There’s “dough” place like it.

5. Ami Sushi

You’ve probably heard of it, but if you want to satisfy your craving for sushi, Ami is the place to go. There is also a wide assortment of other Japanese delicacies for your enjoyment. For those who are 21+, choose from a variety of premium sake and other Japanese alcoholic beverages for a great time. (Please drink responsibly!)

6. Kitchen United Mix at Ralphs

If you’ve ever looked at Apple Maps and seen multiple restaurants inside of Ralphs, you’re not crazy. Kitchen United Mix is a combination of many different delicious restaurants such as Dog Haus and Ramen Jinya, all in the corner of Ralphs. Come and see a variety of kitchens where behind every window is a different restaurant. Once your food is cooked, it is placed on a universal conveyor belt that takes your food to you. This is definitely a new and exciting way to enjoy a meal.

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