Baseball season in full swing: Dodger Stadium is a perfect place for a night in Los Angeles

by Chloe Nimpoeno

Nestled in Elysian Park, less than 10 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium has been a part of Los Angeles culture since it was first built in 1962. It is the third oldest ballpark in the nation, just after Fenway Park in Boston and Wrigley Field in Chicago. By seat capacity, it is the largest stadium in the world. The stadium has hosted 10 World Series, the 1984 Olympics (with the 2028 Olympics on the horizon) and concerts from The Beatles to Elton John’s recent farewell tour.

Lovingly nicknamed the “Chavez Ravine” or “Blue Heaven on Earth,” the stadium has been home to the Los Angeles Dodgers almost immediately after their move from Brooklyn — and has been one of the most popular sites for Los Angeles sports culture to thrive ever since. One does not have to be an avid baseball fan to appreciate the fun and excitement Dodger Stadium has to offer on warm summer nights in LA.

There are multiple tiers of ticket prices and seats, starting from as low as under $20 to as high as prices in the hundreds. While pricier tickets equate to a closer, more personal view of the players at the plate, you do not have to spend a hefty amount of money to still have a good time. Dodger Stadium is equipped with two jumbotrons, displaying the stats and the action as the game is played. The jumbotrons will also display fun play-along games such as the Cap Shuffle, Food Truck Race and the classic Dance Cam. Almost every seat in Dodger Stadium will offer a unique and exciting view of the game. The top Reserve and Loge sections offer a full-scale, bird’s-eye view of the game. You’ll be able to see the ball travel from home plate all the way to the stands during a home run! The lower field level offers a more direct view of the players on the field. If you sit near or behind home plate, you can see the pitcher in action. The Pavilion and Home Run seats are perfect for watching the outfielders and home runs in action! No matter where you sit, you’ll have a great view of the game.

The best thing about Dodgers games after baseball is the food. You’ll never be hungry at the stadium — from stadium classics such as Dodger Dogs, garlic fries, nachos and soft serve to beloved chains like California Pizza Kitchen and Shake Shack, there are food options for everybody. Vendors walk around with bags full of peanuts, churros and popcorn to satisfy snack cravings without you having to get up from your seat. For adults, there are plenty of alcohol options to go around. Not keen on spending money on food at the stadium? Feel free to bring your own, as long as they are clearly visible in clear bags while passing through security. As an avid Dodger Stadium visitor and eater, my favorite and ideal food schedule plays out as such: garlic fries and nachos before the first inning, Dodger Dogs around the third or fourth inning and soft serve by the seventh to finish off the game with a sweet treat. The longer the game, the more you can eat!

If you want to walk away with more merchandise than just the plastic baseball helmets the food is served in, Dodger Stadium has multiple merchandise and team stores scattered throughout the stadium, selling hats, jerseys and other memorabilia. Merchandise tends to be on the pricier side, so I recommend going to a game that features a free giveaway or special ticket package. Many home games will feature promotions that range from bobbleheads, team apparel and sponsored accessories. You can view the promotional calendar here. Be wary of the difference between giveaways and special ticket packages — giveaways mean the item will be given out for free to fans until supply runs out, and special ticket packages mean the item will only be given with the purchase of a special ticket. I recommend arriving at the game half an hour early during giveaway nights to ensure you get your hands on those items!

Even if you can’t make it to any of the promotional games, Dodger Stadium loves to host other pre- and post-game activities. From traditional fireworks to the newly-programmed drone shows, the end of a game can be just as exciting as the beginning. To show love for the fans, the Dodgers also host Kids Run the Bases and Senior Stroll, where a select group of people get to be on the field before the game. On top of that, there are numerous heritage nights (Korean, Mexican, Filipino, Guatemalan and more) and appreciation nights (firefighters, teachers, nurses and more) to celebrate the Los Angeles and Dodgers communities.

There are a few games I am looking forward to attending with my friends and family and would recommend if you’re overwhelmed by the extensive schedule: Mar. 30 against the St. Louis Cardinals, featuring a Freddie Freeman bobblehead giveaway; the Freeway series against the Los Angeles Angels, June 21-22; Women’s Night on July 23, against our rivals the San Francisco Giants; and a Sunday afternoon game with the Tampa Bay Rays on Aug. 25, with a Kobe Bryant Jersey promotion.

There is something for everyone to enjoy at Dodger Stadium this baseball season. Whether it be a date, a family outing or a place to take a visiting friend, Dodger Stadium is a perfect destination to get a slice of LA and its culture.

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