A guide to UCLA’s writing resources

by David Ramazyan

For Bruins looking to improve their writing, UCLA offers a variety of resources to help with assignments throughout the year. Any student in need of writing assistance can take advantage of these free resources.

Writing in college takes some adapting at first; with new requirements and an emphasis on research reports, the first place a student might want to look for help is in the library. Searching for sources may seem overwhelming at first, but the UCLA online library search offers students the opportunity to consult librarians, get help in the process of picking out a specific resource and then get easy access to it. The UCLA Library Research Center also offers a variety of writing workshops throughout the year. With a focus on research papers, topics such as citation management software, data with graphs and spreadsheets, and an introduction to Scrivener are covered.

The Undergraduate Writing Center is another valuable resource worth looking into, with trained facilitators offering one-on-one consultations to help students write a thesis, structure their essays and work on formatting. In short, they provide writing aid for any student who needs it. The center also works closely with students whose first language is not English.

For graduate students, the Graduate Writing Center also provides a number of writing workshops specific to humanities, social science, and science and engineering students. The Graduate Writing Center website even has a contact list of subject specialists where students are able to make research appointments.

The Writing Success Center offers much of the same consultation opportunities as the Undergraduate Writing Center, helping students analyze, organize and develop arguments. Additionally, they offer aid in creative writing assignments, resumes and personal statements.

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