4 Things UCLA Students Should Look For When Using the BruinWalk Website

by Sam Glick

As a UCLA student, it can be very stressful looking for the best classes. The process of enrolling is very competitive if you aren’t prepared. Thankfully, the BruinWalk website provides a great amount of information that can help students find the professors and classes that suit them. Here are 4 things to look for when using Bruin Walk.

Find the teaching style that is best for you

Classes at UCLA can be taught in a variety of ways. Are you a student that benefits from having mandatory assignments that help you understand the course? Or would you prefer being measured through midterms and a final only? There is a broad spectrum on how professors structure their classes. As a student, it is important to recognize the teaching style that best suits you. When searching for a class on Bruin Walk, look through the comments for each professor to learn about their course structure. 

Look at the different grade distributions between professors for a given class

Most classes at UCLA are taught by a number of different professors over the course of the year. Some professors teach the class in the fall, while others may teach in the winter or spring. Look over the rating for the different professors and choose the one that best suits you. 

If there is a professor you enjoyed from the past, look for other classes they teach

As students move through their major’s requirements, there is an opportunity to take a class from a professor they previously had. If you enjoyed a professor previously, Bruin Walk gives you the opportunity to search for that professor’s name in their database. 

Make sure the professor’s rating is up to date

The Bruin Walk website has been around for many years. It is important to check and make sure the professor’s data is up to date. There is a drop down menu that shows all the quarters in which the professor has taught the class. 
BruinWalk is an essential part of UCLA student’s lives.

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