3 essential places to dine Armenian

by Alin Asadooran Hajiabadi

Part of the beauty of being a Bruin is that it is conveniently located in a city with the largest Armenian population, and home to many fantastic restaurants serving Armenian, Lebanese, Persian and Middle-Eastern food. You can’t say you lived in Los Angeles if you didn’t permit yourself to savor Armenian food. In this guide, you will find just some of the most popular places to head to for a meal that will take your taste buds on the best journey.

1. Raffi’s Place

Cuisine: Persian/Armenian
Location: Glendale

This is arguably one of the best restaurants serving Persian and Armenian cuisine and is owned by Armenian immigrants. People from all over LA make the trip to get authentic Persian food that truly lives up to the hype, if not exceeding it! At Raffi’s, you can experience fine dining in the wonderful ambiance of utensils clashing, waiters running around and every one of the guests visibly enjoying their meals. This restaurant is located in the heart of Glendale, home to many Armenians and has a beautiful patio setting with greenery and warm lighting. One of the essentials includes the Beef Soltani, a combination of beef skewers and thinly-sliced filet mignon. At Raffi’s, you are bound to eat a meal you will never forget.

2. Paradise Pastry and Cafe

Cuisine: Armenian
Location: Glendale

At the iconic Glendale staple of Paradise Pastry and Cafe, you can count on fresh daily baked goods for all your carby, creamy, sweet and savory cravings. With fresh Lavash, Poori and Matnakash loaves of bread perfect for any sandwich, you can also buy yourself a nice cup of dark Armenian coffee (warning: strong) alongside any pastry of your choice. Absolutely try their Napoleon with Custard filling, with fresh custard in between layers of crunchy, flaky puff pastry, instantaneously making you feel like the woman in chocolate commercials with her eyes closed and the wind blowing her hair away. You can also find fresh Khatchapouri, a puff pastry filled with Armenian-style feta cheese, or Lahmahjoon, sometimes called “Armenian pizza,” which is thin-crust bread topped with herbed and seasoned ground meat. Don’t forget to grab a Gata, an Armenian sweet bread that is wholesome and buttery. Once you try these delicious treats, you will always want to return.

3. Carousel Restaurant

Cuisine: Lebanese/Armenian
Location: Glendale

Carousel is an upscale restaurant owned by Armenian immigrants serving Lebanese-Armenian food. Originally located in a strip mall, this second Glendale location is a bigger and more ambient environment that serves up fresh and colorful dishes decorated with fresh vegetables and herbs. Their menu entails a vast range of Lebanese-influenced Armenian foods such as Sarma, Kbbeh, Basterma and Kabob to name a few. With so many delicious options, you are guaranteed to find something perfectly suited for you (if everything offered doesn’t suit you). Finally, this isn’t just a place where you dine, but an excellent place for you to feast with all of your friends that have great taste in food.

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