UCLA students praise “Kung Fu Panda 4”

by Gavin Meichelbock

Po received a warm welcome from his fellow bears after the UCLA Bruins gave rave reviews on his new film “Kung Fu Panda 4.”

The “Kung Fu Panda” series is a long-running franchise that most current students grew up on and remember fondly. On Feb. 21, a select number of students were lucky enough to catch an early screening of “Kung Fu Panda 4” at the James Bridge Theater. After reuniting with the Dragon Warrior, Master Shifu and Ping, amongst other familiar faces, they had a lot to say about the film.

“I thought it was awesome. [The film] included a lot of great elements in it,” said Christian Hui, a student majoring in economics and minoring in film. “I’m very happy with the cast and how they dealt with the new characters. [The film] also intertwined a lot of what fans have seen from the past three movies. Overall, a really good movie.”

“It was really funny. I wasn’t expecting to actually laugh,” said Srikar Nimmagadda, a second-year student majoring in computer science and engineering.

“I thought it was so wholesome and cute,” said Lauren Cho, a student majoring in biodesign innovation. “The way that they brought the full circle moment back with all the past adversaries and how they reconcile is so cute,” Cho said. “I think it’s gonna be the final movie in the series.”

“It was good, but not what I expected,” said Enrique Paz, a political science student. “It was a pretty good movie; I still enjoyed it. It was fun.”

“I thought it was a great film. I love ‘Kung Fu Panda,’” said Jet Nelson, a fourth-year student majoring in education. “It was really nostalgic, which I really liked. I liked all the characters coming back.”

Fellow Bruins had a great time watching “Kung Fu Panda 4,” so make sure to see it when it releases in theaters on Mar. 8.

Featured Image via Universal Pictures

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