Tors gives the biggest performance on BottleRock’s smallest stage

by Gavin Meichelbock

This article is part of BruinLife’s BottleRock music festival coverage happening from May 24-26, 2024.

The indie trio hails from the United Kingdom and is composed of the two brothers Matt and Theo Weedon and Jack Bowden. Having been producing music since 2016, their songs are the resulting harmony of folk, adult contemporary and pop. Although they are a small group of only two acoustic guitars and a drum set, they performed like rock stars.

An enormous crowd drew around the small JaMPad stage awaiting the arrival of the trio for their first performance in the United States. They came onto the stage for their first American festival performance to thunderous applause from their adoring audience. Matt Weedon said that although there are festivals in the U.K., they are nowhere near the level of BottleRock. He introduced their first song by saying it’s about chasing happiness.

“Happy Enough” strummed out of their amped-up acoustic guitars. Everyone’s phones were about and beers were up as the crowd waved their hands to the folk ballad. People in the audience sang along to the final chorus like it was their favorite song.

Matt Weedon commented on how beautiful the crowd was, then asked them if anyone in the crowd was a dreamer. The people cheered, and he jokingly said, “So about six of you.” While it may have seemed as if the BottleRockers had given up hope, Matt Weedon said he and his bandmates hadn’t given up on theirs and that performing in America was a part of that dream. These comments were the perfect lead-in to their second song, “Miracle.”

Almost as soon as the song began, the crowd was already jamming along and were jumping by the time the brothers sang, “I got so scared I might have missed it all.” After the song ended, Matt Weedon asked the amped-up audience who’s having a drink, and the crowd’s over-the-moon response garnered the reply, “This is why I love America.” He then made a smart comment about how people think the British drink more than Americans. Since the crowd was not only too crazy, but the craziest crowd they have ever played to, Matt decided to slow the set down by playing their next tune. While the name of the song was lost to audience applause, its heartfelt message about missing home was certainly felt. Everyone swayed to the beautiful harmony in the final bars.

Before their last song, Matt Weedon told the audience how sensual they are and how his band gives the best free hugs; he also added that the drummer, Bowden, is very single. Their final song of their first U.S. performance was titled “Never Give Up,” which Matt and Theo Weedon dedicated to their parents who inspired it. The brothers were shaking their butts in unison and the crowd soon followed suit. Everybody was singing along for the first chorus and clapping along to fade out the song.

With that inspiring finale, Tors wrapped up their first U.S. performance with countless adoring fans from BottleRock 2024.

Image courtesy of BottleRock Napa Valley

Image courtesy of BottleRock Napa Valley

Featured Image courtesy of BottleRock Napa Valley

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