The Takes take BottleRock 2024 by storm

by Gavin Meichelbock

This article is part of BruinLife’s BottleRock music festival coverage happening from May 24-26, 2024. 

The Oregon based rock band consists of Sumner Rahr on lead vocals and guitar, Fritz Frerichs on the drums, Guido Rahr on guitar and last but certainly not least, Phoebe Webb on bass. Most known for their songs “Still Water,” “Honey” and “Outside 45,” the group gave a very special performance to kick off the festival. Not only did they release a new EP today, May 24, titled “Lay Hold,” but it is also Webb’s 21st birthday. Three hits from the kick drum let the audience know they were in for a ride.

“House of Sky” opened their set and got people ready for the weekend of incredible music to come. Every hit from the drums and pluck of the bass was infectious and everyone collectively felt the pulse in their bodies as they rocked along. The Takes kept the energy high with their next song, “I-84” before plunging into their song “Desert Mind.” The song ebbed and flowed between cool laid back verses and intense rock choruses. The contrast perfectly bridged the opening of their performance to their next song, “Outside 45.”

An extended instrumental introduction opened the song as Sumner Rahr, Guido Rahr and Webb started jumping around on stage. Members of the audience sang along as Sumner Rahr belted the melody. As they entered the bridge, Sumner Rahr echoed one of the lines in the song as he said to Guido Rahr, “Come on brother, I’ll make you feel good.” The two then launched into complementary guitar solos. When the song ended, Sumner Rahr asked the audience if they had started drinking yet, to which the audience raised their beers and cheers. He jokingly replied that the audience’s intoxication was good for them.

The set changed pace as the feel of the performance went from rock to folk. Sumner Rahr switched from electric to acoustic guitar and Guido Rahr plucked his eclectic with his fingers instead of a guitar pick. Webb announced the song as “Summer Sage” from their latest EP. This folk style continued into their next song, “River Stone” – one of the band’s favorite’s to play. Sumner Rahr dedicated the song to his mother before diving into the verses about the beauty of their home state.

For their second to last song, Webb said it was her birthday wish for the audience to dance along with her – and dance they did. The crowd was twisting and turning to the Rahr brothers’ guitar riffs and solos. An incredible heart-thumping bass solo from Webb ended the set and The Takes’ first performance of the day.

The Takes set the stage both literally and figuratively with a phenomenal opening set that surely took audiences by storm.

Featured Image courtesy of BottleRock Napa Valley

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