Looking forward to life back on campus

by Victoria Delamora

The anniversary of Bruins’ last day of in-person classes passed this past 10th week of winter quarter. Students eagerly walked back from classes thinking they were going to have two weeks off and then return to campus again. This, of course, did not happen.

The time away from in-person classes has definitely been different— students have gone through getting accustomed to Zoom, adjusting to life at home, and figuring out what being a college student means during a pandemic. Freshman students have not been able to experience their introduction to UCLA fully in an in-person format. While this is all disappointing, the only thing that we can do as a student body is look forward to when things are “normal” again, and when the typical life as a UCLA Bruin can be reinstated. There are so many things to be excited about while attending UCLA, so here are some key things to look forward to when in-person classes and regular school life resume.

1. Sporting Events

UCLA! by Hans Splinter https://www.flickr.com/photos/archeon/239188439/in/photolist-n8UoB-9x2G19-6wBrLC-E9Gxr-d8SLp7-aceUd3-9xgzGi-nBJtP-aAczUA-8Ad3ZA-aAczmh-5hvRn-aA9T8D-nBJua-4e3wFh-5dHdjT-5cK2N2-5dMHKq-5dHah6-6en4RE-Cr6Rg-5dHmdx-6n72Ne-5cg4XD-5dHnAe-5s2wbS-5rXcT6-5dHbLa-2WBQh-5rXcnn-5dHktK-6hbMqG-5rXaBk-5dHojR-5cg5cX-5rXbrX-5cPnG9-9wYu2B-5s2vAy-5cKZgv-6h7Bo2-5zc2jo-5cyzeD-5ckkQ7-7PEAqS-7PEAJy-7PEvZo-Lwaw1-7Ufke9-pUEs4v

UCLA! by Hans Splinter Photo credit: Hans Splinter

photo by Marc Levin, via Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/mil8/2236461066/in/photolist-4pCrXy-aobYVE-n8UoB-9x2G19-6wBrLC-E9Gxr-d8SLp7-aceUd3-9xgzGi-nBJtP-aAczUA-8Ad3ZA-aAczmh-5hvRn-aA9T8D-nBJua-4e3wFh-5dHdjT-5cK2N2-5dMHKq-5dHah6-6en4RE-Cr6Rg-5dHmdx-6n72Ne-5cg4XD-5dHnAe-5s2wbS-5rXcT6-5dHbLa-2WBQh-5rXcnn-5dHktK-6hbMqG-5rXaBk-5dHojR-5cg5cX-5rXbrX-5cPnG9-9wYu2B-5s2vAy-5cKZgv-6h7Bo2-5zc2jo-5cyzeD-5ckkQ7-7PEAqS-7PEAJy-7PEvZo-Lwaw1

photo by Marc Levin, via Flickr

There are so many fun opportunities that revolve around sports at UCLA. Whether it’s attending a rivalry football game against USC at the Rose Bowl or waiting in line for hours to secure a seat at a basketball game at Pauley Pavilion, sporting events truly show how much school spirit UCLA students have. Every game becomes an occasion to get decked out in blue and gold, spend time with friends, and cheer on our talented athletes. A UCLA football home game is an all-day event of tailgating, exploring the Rose Bowl, and hoping for a win! The aura is spectacular – students yelling, the DEN club guiding cheers, cheerleaders performing, and additions from the UCLA band. The next time we are allowed to attend sporting events, the amount of school spirit will definitely shine through to both new and returning students!

2. Walking to Class (And Enjoying the Little Things)

photo by Ignacio Andrade via Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/ignacioandrade/6776624330/in/photolist-bjPYjw-ao9ecp-an88t5-ao9aQM-bjPZYG-bjQ1kE-aAamkF-ao9cZV-ao9bp8-aobZa5-BpFgMX-ao9cjr-9sQhEW-4pCrXy-aobYVE-n8UoB-9x2G19-6wBrLC-E9Gxr-d8SLp7-aceUd3-9xgzGi-nBJtP-aAczUA-8Ad3ZA-aAczmh-5hvRn-aA9T8D-nBJua-4e3wFh-5dHdjT-5cK2N2-5dMHKq-5dHah6-6en4RE-Cr6Rg-5dHmdx-6n72Ne-5cg4XD-5dHnAe-5s2wbS-5rXcT6-5dHbLa-2WBQh-5rXcnn-5dHktK-6hbMqG-5rXaBk-5dHojR-5cg5cX

photo by Ignacio Andrade via Flickr

Looking back, I really took the walk to class for granted. I would complain that it was too far, that the hills were annoying, and that I always left too late from my dorm and was stressed that I wasn’t going to make it to class on time. But now, I would give anything to have those walks again. Not only is the walk super pretty, but it’s great exercise! You never have to worry about getting your steps in for the day while attending UCLA!

Also, seeing the hustle and bustle of students walking to their classes, club meetings, and extracurricular activities shows what college life is all about! There are so many things to do in between classes at UCLA. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee from Kerckhoff Coffee House, going to Ackerman Union or Northern Lights for food, or relaxing on Janss Steps with a blanket or hammock, there are plenty of ways to unwind between classes. Certainly, none these things will be taken for granted when in-person classes resume!

3. Study Spots

photo by CampusGrotto via Flickr

photo by CampusGrotto via Flickr

I’m sure that during quarantine we’ve all gotten acquainted with doing work in our beds. But once on-campus life returns, there will be so many places where we can study! UCLA has an abundance of study spots, including libraries and more quaint spaces where one wouldn’t necessarily think to study at. Powell Library is definitely one of the most popular study spots on campus, and it certainly fills up quickly during finals week! One of my favorite places to study during in-person classes was The Study at Hedrick. The Study has several tables, couches, and desks to study at, including two quiet rooms for more intense studying. What makes The Study so great is that it is also a to-go dining spot. It’s very convenient to grab food and get right back to studying! Many students also elect to reserve individual study rooms which are available in most dorm buildings. Some also choose to study outside around campus at places like Janss Steps, outside of Royce Hall, and the Sculpture Garden.

4. Traditions

photo by xhowardlee via Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/xhowardlee/27056158694/in/photolist-HdRTmJ-HVNK4u-Hc5pvj-XUDAW-XUDCj-XUDGb-XQhWD-XUDEb-XQhXR-XUDGE-XQhXa-2gPYQPX-XQi26-XQhW8-7JrZ3d-XUDDG-4N3G7-2higSR6-4N3HK-4N3Mb-4N3Mf-2A4TP-4N3Gf-4N3J3-7o4bi-8SLzM3-arKqz4-dWoujo-acf3g9-4hQYi-iM8HQ-4hQZE-8121tY-67SADm-UzzXFd-7z45QZ-5g3s7-7JF9Qj-bvcGrT-ziSnf-6FUp4c-7JBdYR-5fX5N-7uc6vD-6cePjA-88xfK-auqh3R-rcJTj9-8C9Rdj-iM8HR

photo by xhowardlee via Flickr Photo credit: xhowardlee

A UCLA tradition that every student takes part in at the onset of their UCLA experience is placing their hand in the inverted fountain at New Student Orientation. The tradition is to refrain from touching the water in the fountain again until after graduation. If one touches the water, they will be cursed with graduating a quarter late. When seniors graduate, they are excited to reach their hands into the fountain once again. Many jump into the fountain and swim around, and some even do silly things like bring kayaks into the fountain. Once school returns to campus, students will be able to look forward to this exciting post-graduation tradition!

We can also look forward to the midnight yell. While RAs get upset with this tradition, it is an exciting part of finals week that allows students to relieve some of their pent-up stress and frustration from studying. It is also a form of camaraderie, as students can feel that everyone else is in the same stressed mindset, which gives them the motivation to keep working hard.

There are so many things to look forward to when in-person classes resume. Just keep looking forward! Once life returns to campus again, students won’t take the little things for granted. Until then, go conquer your online classes, Bruins! Campus will be waiting for us in the meantime.

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