The ins and outs of UCLA

by Soomedha Vasudevan

Students are always discovering experiences and places on campus, whether it’s a new club, on-campus eatery or study spot. However, there are so many cool things on our campus that nobody truly learns about or tries. This article will uncover some of the hidden gems and little-known shortcuts of our school so that we can all enjoy it to the fullest potential. Whether you’re a wide-eyed freshman still navigating the maze-like campus as you try to find your way back to your dorm, or a rehearsed senior just looking to uncover some new tricks, this will be the perfect way to make the UCLA experience seem a lot easier. From budgeting tips to the fastest routes between classes, this article will spill it all!

Starting off with the school’s shortcuts, we all have a difficulties getting to class on time some days. However, there are some ways you can shave off a minute or two from your walk to class. Many students do not realize there are two main pathways to get to class, one more suited for North Campus and one closer to South. The typical Bruin Walk way is best if you have a class in South Campus. To avoid people handing out flyers (sometimes you’re in a rush and sometimes you’re just an introvert), take the path to the left where all the scooters and bikes are parked. If it’s raining, enter through the bottom floor of Ackerman and use the elevator to ascend the usual pathway. If you are heading to North Campus, however, it is best to take the path on Charles E. Young Drive North parallel to Sunset Boulevard that passes the top of Drake Stadium. Not only is it closer to buildings such as the Charles E. Young Research Library and Rolfe Hall, but it is also a lot flatter and even has an elevator if you want to skip the only stairwell outside Anderson.

A lot of students go to Westwood, whether for snacks, clothes or just a special outing. However, sometimes the walk down is daunting, especially when living farther up the Hill. As a former Dykstra resident, my new dorm near The Study truly makes me feel like everything is too much of a walk; my trips to Westwood definitely decreased this year. However, there is a bus stop that is a less than a 10-minute walk from Hedrick Summit that can get you on a bus to Westwood. Starting from the Sunset and Bellagio stop, you can now go to Denny’s, Target or the Regency Bruin theater without having to exert extra effort. Some may call this lazy, but as a bus enjoyer, I think this is the perfect hack — especially if you pair it with the free Bruin U-Pass.

Another one of my lazier hacks is the BFit elevator. Sometimes after a hard workout, the last thing you want to do is go up a bunch of stairs, especially after leg day. If you exit BFit and enter Carnesale Commons, there is an elevator that takes you right up to the Sproul level and saves you from climbing two flights of stairs. This is also perfect when it is raining.

Now, for some less physical but still interesting spots on campus.

I eat at Ackerman pretty often, but I never really explored the center area between Epic and Panda Express. I always just thought it was a salad bar with normal toppings, but it turns out you can also make a fruit salad. Filled with fresh produce, chocolate chips and marshmallows, Greenhouse is the perfect place for a sweet treat that is both fairly healthy and fresh.

Last but not least is my favorite budgeting hack. It’s never fun to pay a fee when printing something out, even if it is only $0.05 a page. But, if you go into the Luskin Center, you can print from their lobby printer for free.

This is just a small sample of the many cool tricks and paths at UCLA. Sometimes you discover them yourself, and sometimes you find them through friends, classmates or even through Reddit. Just keep looking, and you’ll be one step closer to making this school your oyster.

Featured Image Photographed by Julia Gu/BruinLife.

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