Illustration Gallery: Happy Valentine’s Day

by BruinLife

Love comes in all forms. Whether it be love for nature, love for a significant other, or the love between friends, Happy Valentine’s Day Bruins!

We made it! Bye bye Midterm#1 and hello valentine! Love is the kitty, kitty is the love. Illustration by Ziyue Zhang
Valentine’s Day can be phone calls to friends, picnics, or movies with people you love. Illustration by Juley Arias.
Better in Pairs. Illustration by Divya Hebbar
The pixie questions herself: “Is this love or is this just an obsession?” Illustration by Yuka Nakayama
Love is bringing an umbrella when your friend runs off into the rain 🙂 Illustration by Alexis Raquino
Love is the cozy feeling of being at home no matter where you are. Illustration by Kimberly Suratos
Love is cozying up together drinking coffee. Illustration by Lily Tsuromoto
Sometimes love comes from within as you self reflect with the beauty of nature. Illustration by Eric Yang

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