Illustration Gallery: Welcome to Spring

by BruinLife

It’s official, spring is here.

Winter showers bring spring flowers! Illustration by Divya Hebbar.
This is a rainy and busy spring. Illustration by Ziyue Zhang.
Spring and fresh greens. Illustration by Eric Yang
As gloomy as rainy days are, the flowers wouldn’t bloom without them! Illustration by Alexis Raquino.
In Greek mythology, the start of spring is signaled by Persephone’s return to earth. With her return come blooming flowers and sunny skies. Illustration by Kimberly Suratos
As stated in “The Tale of Heike”, everything is impermanent. Like a dream on one spring night, the mighty that flourished and the flowers that once bloomed all eventually fall. Illustration by Yuka Nakayama.

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