Illustration Gallery: Fall Colors

by BruinLife
In this drawing, Kerckhoff Hall sits in fall weather with red and orange leaves falling down. The changing colors of the trees give cozy autumn vibes for the season! Illustration by Juley Arias.
This drawing depicts an imaginary sketch of the autumn trees between south and north Dickson Court. The road’s unlimited stretch and the dimming sunset marks the idea autumn aura. Illustration by Eric Yang.
This drawing depicts a glance of Bruin Walk in fall. Illustration by Ziyue Zhang.
Fall is known as the season of sleeping in Japan. The picture shows a person who doze off and is dreaming of the beautiful falling leaves of fall. Illustration by Yuka Nakayama.
In this image a calico cat sits in a broken pumpkin while fall leaves rain down, the warm feeling of fall is ubiquitous with the rich orange tones and cozy atmosphere and depiction. Illustration by Lily Tsurumoto.
Fall can be depicted as a cozy season. The color combination of wooden chair and scarf gives a sense of relaxation, while the autumn leaves and pumpkin reminds us of fall holidays. Illustration by Mingchen Wang.
One image that easily comes to mind when we think of fall is the beautiful red and orange leaves. This drawing not only captures the cozy, colorful autumn days, but it also provides the mysterious allure associated with Halloween. Illustration by Kimberly Suratos.
In this drawing, students enjoy hot lattes and pumpkin pie in a cafe while admiring the changing colors of the trees. Illustration by Divya Hebbar.
Fall, for many students, is not just a season in the sense of winter and spring, but an aesthetic of pumpkin-flavored coffee and crisp auburn leaves underfoot. Illustration by Alexis Raquino.

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