Human connection in a digital world

by Samantha Munguia

Zapshot aims to give users a more personal way of communicating with others, capturing the tone and cadence of people’s voices to ensure that nothing is left to misinterpretation. Several UCLA alumni and current students work for Zapshot’s marketing team and on the overall development of the app.

Zapshot is a social media messaging app geared towards Gen Z, aiming to eliminate the time it takes to type and send text messages to friends and family. The app contains several unique features and qualities that can benefit students.

1. Clarity

Zapshot improves communication and eliminates the possibility of misinterpretation because users skip the process of writing out text messages. The app makes it easier for people to connect with one another as users send voice memos that can be accessed without having to unlock a device. In today’s fast-paced world, efficient communication is extremely important to people as technology advances. Users will no longer have to worry about their text messages being misread because voice memos allow for more transparent communication.

2. Personalized Communication

Voice messages make users feel as if they are speaking directly to one another; they offer a sense of closeness that text messages are unable to capture. Senders are able to express their emotions more clearly while receivers are able to better understand their messages. Zapshot emphasizes the importance of voice as a powerful tool for connection. Hearing someone’s voice makes it easier for people to further build their connection and eliminates misunderstandings that typed messages often create. With a focus on voice messages, Zapshot is taking a step in the direction of making digitally mediated communication more personal.

3. Accessibility

Zapshot is available on the app store for iPhones, making it extremely accessible for those interested. Zapshot is free of charge, making it only one click away from use. While many other apps cost money, Zapshot simply requires users to download the app before they can start sending messages to friends and family without any add-on fees.

4. Versatility

Zapshot is a multimedia platform, where users also have the opportunity to create videos to better express themselves. As an app designed for self-expression and personal connection, Zapshot is re-imagining the ways in which people use their voice to communicate.

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