5 steps to cure the travel bug from home

by Sydney Dischinger

Lately, life has felt like an all-too-real version of Groundhog Day. In an attempt to break from this cycle of monotony, I challenged myself to go on a coronavirus-safe, guilt-free vacation. Vacations don’t have to be about shelling out tons of cash or breaking quarantine guidelines — they can even be experienced from the comfort of your own home.

1) Have a lazy morning

For me, this meant not setting an alarm. Being woken up by the sunlight coming through my window instead of my beeping phone was a nice change of pace! After waking up, I spent the first 30 minutes of the morning watching “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reruns in bed. Remember, there’s no shame in spending the majority of the day in pajamas. You are on vacation, after all.

2) Spice up your self-care routine

I’ve heard a lot about yoga and its benefits, and I figured the best time to give it a go would be during my staycation. After doing some browsing online, I decided to follow a 20-minute yoga class I found on YouTube. While I didn’t get the whole balance thing down, it was definitely a relaxing way to work some physical activity into my day. Besides yoga, I’d also recommend trying a face mask and lighting some candles. Make your staycation about doing all of the things you usually don’t make time for!

3) Utilize the great outdoors

Instead of taking my dog on the usual quick walk around the neighborhood, I opted for a leisurely stroll through the local botanical gardens. Being surrounded by flowers and koi ponds certainly helped trick my mind into thinking I was on a tropical vacation. Staring at a screen all day can be draining, so spending more time getting fresh air and vitamin C is definitely an essential part of any staycation. With a little imagination, your local lake can become the Caribbean Sea, or an empty field can be Central Park!

4) Try a new recipe

I’ve been seeing tons of people test out the viral baked feta pasta recipe shared by Jenni Häyrinen. During my staycation, I thought I’d make it for my family so that we could pretend we were dining at a classy restaurant. It was really good, but I definitely recommend adding in some honey and lemon zest to balance out the saltiness of the feta. Overall, a solid eight out of 10!

5) Finish off the day with a scenic movie

My personal favorite movie is “Mamma Mia.” ABBA music, turquoise water, and Meryl Streep — what more could you ask for? Getting cozy and being transported to a beautiful Greek island was the perfect way to round out my relaxing staycation.

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