3 secret Instagrammable spots on campus

by Ka-Ki Tsang

Tired of taking photos in front of the Bruin Bear or Royce Hall? Looking for some unique, special Instagram photos on campus? Want to explore your campus in an unusual way? Here are three aesthetically pleasing spots on campus that are hard to find or easily ignored. Let this secret journey add some fun to your UCLA life!

1) Trees of 1931

The Trees of 1931 Bench is located on the east side of Royce Hall. You can see it when you walk between Royce Hall and Haines Hall. It has great potential for Instagrammable photos, as the single bench surrounded by a large array of plants can help you capture that mysterious, 19th-century vibe.

Photos by Ka-Ki Tsang

2) Dashew Center

The vivid orange top floor of Dashew Center is a great example of modern architecture. While the building itself is aesthetically pleasing, keep your eye on the view – you can always capture a fascinating blue sky. The easiest way to access this spot is to take the stairs located on Charles E. Young Drive W. Head there for a striking shot full of vibrant hues!

Photos by Ka-Ki Tsang

3) Golden Aisle

I refer to this location as Golden Aisle because the trees lining the sidewalk are colored gold by Mother Nature during autumn, which creates an extraordinary view. Especially beautiful between September and November, this area is perfect for capturing seasonal transitions and the start of a new school year. Golden Aisle is located on Portola Plaza near Moore Hall. For the exact location, please see the attached map.

Photos by Ka-Ki Tsang

Cover image: Jirapong – stock.adobe.com

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