Top 5 spots to nap on campus

by Samantha Munguia

Photo by wavebreakmedia, via StudyBreaks

UCLA’s vibrant green landscape, warm weather and clear skies provide Bruins the perfect places to nap on campus and relax in between classes. The campus has several spots where students can set aside their books and catch up on any sleep that they missed the night before from studying. Even though students spend most of their four years roaming the libraries, it is crucial that they get the rest they need to do well in an extremely demanding environment. After all, Bruins need to hibernate!

  1. Sculpture Garden

Photo by Matthew Traucht, via The Cultural Landscape Foundation

The Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden ranks at the top of this list due to its spacious grassy areas, low noise levels and relative tranquility. You can find several students lying down on the grass napping, reading or walking around observing the sculptures. Occasionally, lecturers in nearby buildings will bring their classes outside to the garden and gather in circles, taking advantage of the beauty surrounding them. However, if you are a South Campus student, then your chances of being near the Luskin School of Public Affairs is slim unless you have a general education course in North Campus or study at the nearby Charles E. Young Research Library.

2. Lawn near Janss Steps

Photo by Sean Brenner, via UCLA Newsroom

The lawn near Janss Steps is a popular choice among Bruins to take naps on campus and relax. You can find students lying in their hammocks, eating with friends, participating in club meetings and walking slacklines. The noise level can be high during the middle of the day, but it starts to decrease as the sun begins to set. The location is convenient because it is right in the center of campus and near Bruin Walk. The lawn is also very spacious, which means you can still maintain quite a distance from other students and find a spot on the grass to nap in peace.

3. Charles E. Young Research Library

Photo via Daily Bruin

The Charles E. Young Research Library is another spot that is great for Bruins to take a nap. With the new collaboration pods having couches for students to sit down on, it is tempting for students to want to take a break from studying and lie down on their side to take a nap. However, the first floor of the library usually attracts the most people and is often not as quiet as the upper floors of the library. The pods must also be reserved in order for students to use them. However, if you take an elevator to the upper floors, you will find many other quiet and remote locations where you can simply lay your head down on a desk and snooze away.

4. Inverted Fountain

Photo via UCLA Twitter

The Inverted Fountain may not cross many Bruins’ minds as a good place to take a nap. But if students are missing the beach, then this spot may be the perfect place to recreate that environment. If you close your eyes, lie down on the rim of the fountain and listen to the water running into the fountain, it simulates the experience of lying by the ocean. You can feel the heat warming your skin, and the sound of rushing water drowns out the noise of students talking. However, if you move around a lot when you sleep, this may not be the best spot for you. Just be careful not to fall in!

5. Rolfe Hall Courtyard

Photo via Public Art in Los Angeles

The Rolfe Hall courtyard is a hidden gem that not many Bruins take advantage of. Located right next to Northern Lights Café, the courtyard is usually empty with occasionally one or two people sitting down and enjoying the peace and stillness of this remote area. In the middle of the courtyard is a grassy area where students can lie down and relax. If you do not want to lie down on the cross, then there are plenty of concrete seats for students to lie down on, either under the sun or the shade. There are plenty of trees and greenery that provide students a peaceful atmosphere, and although the noise level is relatively low because of its secluded location, beware because Northern Lights Café is right next door.

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