by Bao Yi Tan

10 Snacks/Foods To Try When You’re High 

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups I did some research and most people voted for this as their high snack. This little chocolate will blow your mind away, as it did mine. I finished a bag the last time and I don’t regret the calories. What are calories anyway? 
  2. Chocolates White, dark, milk chocolates… There’s no need to favor any of them, because they all taste delicious.
  3. Cheetos Chips never gets old. It’s a little spicy on the tongue, crunchy, and filling. Perfect for a snack.
  4. Vanilla Bean Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory Imagine biting into the creamy pastry and feeling like you’re in heaven. That’s it. Classic vanilla and it never gets old. Need I say more?
  5. Gummy Candies They are really fun to chew and you can taste the sweetness of them (especially when you like sweet things).
  6. In-n-Out Most people would get the double-double, but have you ever tried something on the secret menu? You should definitely try Animal-styled Grilled Cheese. It’s phenomenal! (unless you hate pickles, but you could also have them removed) Also, the walk to in-n-out from the hill with a group of friends would feel like it’s an adventure.
  7. Munchies from Jack in the Box They are called munchies for a reason. Try it.
  8. Nougat Want something healthy-ish? This could replace your chocolate “addiction”! Chocolates are still great though.
  9. Cereal It’s not breakfast, but it’s fun to crunch.
  10. Anything!!! And all of the above! Honestly, you would know any food works and these are all just new or old ideas for you to try out. Have fun!
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