How to Plan a Night Out: UCLA!

by Lila Hearn

College is the best: new friends, no curfew, fun things happening every night of the week. School work always comes first, but going out with friends can be a great way to relax after a long stressful week. Navigating the night life at UCLA might be hard if you have no idea what to expect. Here’s your Thursday night guide to hitting the row!

Who’s Coming? If you’re planning a night out with your friends, it’s important to know who all is invited. If you’re hitting frat row, students (21+ or with University ID’s) are the only ones getting through that door. If you want to bring a boy, make sure they know someone in the frat, and can be put on a list. Otherwise, it’s a girls night! If you’re showing your bruincard, get those X’s on the backs of your hands (like that one 3oh3! song) and head inside! If you are legal, make sure you get a stamp or a wristband.

What to Wear: Anything goes, really, but there is a sort of ‘frat party uniform’. Regardless of the party theme, a black or white top with jeans/a jean skirt is the standard. This isn’t to say you can’t wear anything you want, but if you like the idea of wearing what most other girls will be wearing, that’s the move. For shoes: don’t wear ones you like. Adidas Superstars or Converse are most common, but wear comfortable sneakers you don’t mind making your ‘going out’ shoes. They will probably never look the same again. RIP.

What to Bring: The less, the better. Make sure you have your ID and your phone, but not much else. Lip gloss, or any other small necessity that will fit in your pocket is fine, but refrain from bringing any sort of purse. You want to limit the amount of things you could lose, as well as anything that would hinder your dancing! You could bring a jacket, but if you’re pretty sure you will take it off once you get there, it might be better to leave that at home too. That one’s a judgment call.

When to Head There – and Head Back: Frat row usually picks up about 11:00pm, so that’s a good time to head down there, or 11:30pm if you want things to really be going when you show up. Parties usually wind down about 2:00am, but if you want Hill food afterwards, you should head back at around 1:30am.

Post-Party Food: The Study at Hedrick is open the latest on the Hill, and it closes at 2:00am. If you’re unfamiliar with the godsend that is The Study, they have sandwiches, pizzas, waffles, and more. It’s great food to end a night out, but that’s no secret, so it’ll be pretty busy. If you don’t mind the wait, it’s definitely worth it.

Being Safe: College is fun, there’s no doubt about it, but with that being said, it’s important to keep you and your friends safe. Don’t go to parties alone: always bring at least one friend with you, and make sure to stay with them. You’ve heard it before, but don’t take drinks from someone you don’t know, and if you feel uncomfortable at any time, make that clear. Nights out with your friends are only fun if you’re having a good time, which means only dancing with who you want, how you want, for as long as you want. You are in control. If something happens to you or someone else, emergency and non-emergency phone numbers are located on the back of your bruincard. Please, never sacrifice someone’s safety for fear of getting in trouble. It’s not worth having something bad happen, and knowing you could’ve prevented it. If someone looks like they’re in trouble, call UCPD or 911.

Going out can be a lot of fun: great nights of dancing with your friends to some absolute bangers from the 2000’s that you’ve forgotten all about, followed by some good Study food is part of what being in college is all about. Party on!

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