Top 5 Netflix shows to binge over winter break

by Avery Silfin

With the arrival of winter break, UCLA students finally have nothing to stress over. Finals are done, and the darkness and doom of the winter quarter have yet to begin. While you’re stuck with nothing to do, here are the five best Netflix shows (and documentaries) to keep you on the couch until you’re forced to get up and go back to Westwood.

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5) Miss Americana (Taylor Swift)

Everyone loves a good celebrity documentary, and though it is not a TV show, this one-hour-and-25-minute film will give both Swifties something to feel good about and non-Swifties a chance to become a fan. Taylor Swift herself guides viewers through her triumphs and failures as a songwriter as well as her desire to become the number one musical performer.

4) Criminal Minds

There’s nothing like a good scary show when waiting out the frigid winter days in bed or on the couch. “Criminal Minds” is a show that can be started from the beginning or in the middle of a season. Each episode tells the story of a different criminal mastermind that will keep you on your toes and scared to turn the lights off.

3) Selling Sunset

As Los Angeles residents, we all know how fun it is to drive around and look at the insane houses of Beverly Hills and Bel Air. In “Selling Sunset,” the Oppenheim real estate group sells these houses for millions of dollars and creates tons of drama as it does. The drama itself is crazy, and so are the houses, making all four 10-episode seasons a must-watch.

2) Schitt’s Creek

Iconic shows like “Friends” and “Seinfeld” are usually what come to mind when we think of sitcoms, but “Schitt’s Creek” is a relatively new one that will keep you up all night laughing (after you’ve been scared half to death by “Criminal Minds,” of course). The show follows the once-rich Rose family, who has to move from their home to Schitt’s Creek after losing all of their money. This show is definitely worth a watch, and the adventures of the Rose family will have you rolling with laughter.

1) Money Heist (La Casa de Papel)

Five seasons later, the Spanish action series “Money Heist” has finally come to an end, and every minute of the final season was breathtaking. Even if you’ve never watched a second of the show in your life, starting this show from the beginning will have you falling in love with a group of bank robbers, unable to take your eyes off the screen. If you’re looking for a riveting show, watch “Money Heist.”

Happy holidays, and happy binging!

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