Top 10 Diverse Songs to Listen to in the Rain

by Tiara Suguitan


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Looking for song recommendations that are a vibe and go with the rainy weather? I got you. Here’s a list of a few of the songs I enjoy listening to in the rain that I completely stand by and recommend.

1.) A song about a relationship that’s toxic and keeps repeating the same mistake. An alternative/r&b type feel. Same Thing — Marian Hill 

2.) A song about a girl that has all the guys mesmerized but the singer can’t figure out what it is about her that’s charming. Stuck on a Puzzle — Alex Turner

3.) A song that’s instrumental. Sunset lover is just ooof if you want something nostalgic that’s a little bit of happy and a little bit of sad in a reminiscent, nostalgic longing for the past and happy memories sort of way you’ll love Sunset Lover — Petit Biscuit

4.) A song about the pressure of relationships with a nice contemporary r&b beat to it. Pressure — Jhené Aiko 

5.) A song about how electrifying it feels to be in love. Electric —Alina Baraz ft. Khalid

6.) A song from a rockin’ all female band from the state of Washington about a party in Seattle with a pop/garage/alternative/indie type feel all at the same time. Seattle Party — Chastity Belt

7.) A song by The Smiths most definitely had to be on the list. How dare I if I hadn’t! There is a Light that Never Goes Out — The Smiths

8.) A song about falling in love with the allusion of a person and then not knowing how to keep loving them when they turned out to be different than the way you imagined them to be. Don’t know How to Keep Loving You — Julia Jacklin 

9.) A song about a couple that remains committed to each other regardless of the world’s distractions. A hip-hop & jazz type feel. An absolute classic from the 90s. You Got me — The Roots 

10.) Rain or shine, a song that’ll make you feel like a boss: 7 Rings — Ariana Grande 

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