If You Know, You Know: 5 Life-Changing TikTok Hacks

by Kezia Putrali

Quarantine may have physically separated us, but TikTok has virtually gathered most of us throughout the year. Over a year ago today, watching TikTok videos was among one the most embarrassing things to be caught doing in public. The app was seen as a ‘cringe’ and a childish social media app. While it is well known for its viral influencers and dances, there are more sides to TikTok, including life-changing hacks which have been very beneficial in people’s lives. Here is a list of 5 TikTok food hacks that have helped many users around the world.

1.Tortilla Wrap Hack

Photo by: I am A Food Blog

Spice up your meal just by using a tortilla and 4 (or more) of your favorite toppings. The trick is to slice a straight line up towards the center of a tortilla and divide your tortilla into four quarters as if there are cross lines across the center. Next, start filling up each of your toppings on each of the respective four quarters. You will then fold the bottom left corner upwards, followed by the top left quarter to the right and eventually the top right corner downwards. You will end up with a magical triangle-like shape of goodness. Although the trend started out with taco and burrito toppings, the best part is that you can personalize it according to your liking, ranging from savory to sweets.

2. The Blender Cleanse

Photo by: The Today Show

Many of us avoid using blenders for the hassle that it brings when it comes to cleaning them. Somehow, the convenience that it brings to us in making juices, sauces, soup and other meals gets overpowered. However, a viral hack that has been going around TikTok is to rinse and add more water into the blender with drops of dish soap. You should then put it back and turn the blender on to let it do most of its cleaning on its own. This will help you save time in using your sponge to brush through all the food remains.

3. Cake Cutting Hack

Photo by: @theroseperiod/TikTok

This oddly satisfying hack will change your birthday celebrations. All you need is a cake and a few wine glasses. To do this hack, begin with holding the base of your wine glass upside down, and press down into a section of the cake. You will then get a bite of the delicious sponge layers in your glass, which is very convenient to eat from. Even better, you get to have your own mug cake! Start spicing up your birthday celebration with your family and friends!

4. Cherry Tomato Halves

Photo by: The Kitchn

Have you ever been demotivated from cooking due to the never ending ingredient preparations that take forever? Instead of taking so much time cutting ingredients like cherry tomatoes one by one, try gathering them all at once on a cutting board and gently putting a sturdy container on them. Next, use a big knife to slice through the gap between your container and the cutting board. The tomatoes will end up being sliced into equal pieces all at once!

5. Double Scallions Hack

Photo by: Budget Bytes

Do you have chives, scallions or green onions that you are too lazy to chop up? Do you want to meal prep, but are afraid of wasting some of the ingredients? This hack is for college students to maximize the best of both worlds. First, you can reuse an old plastic bottle and make a cone-like funnel using regular or parchment paper and put it on the bottle top. You can then chop up some green onions in bulk and put it through the funnel into the bottle and sprinkle some on the food. You can then close the cap and store it in the fridge to use for your next meal.

These hacks are the perfect way to add ease and efficiency to your routine. TikTok has proved useful in more ways than one, and these tips and tricks are proof of that. Make sure to use them the next time you find yourself in the kitchen!

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