Biggest beauty trends to take into the new year

by Athena Mansour

As we step out of 2023 and into the new year, we are greeted by future beauty trends and revisited by those from the past. The beauty landscape continues to captivate us with an eclectic mix of innovative trends that redefine the essence of self-expression and self-care. However, with all these new trends can come confusion, so I’ve compiled my favorite beauty trends for the new year.

Starting strong with my favorite skincare trend of 2023: Gua Sha. This unassuming product does more for your face than your average SPF. This traditional Chinese medicine tool lets you massage your face, draining it of any excess fluid. Stick it in the freezer for the perfect de-puffing device to prepare your face for the day.

Once you’re feeling cool and de-puffed, let’s hop into another skincare find that will stick around into the new year: red light therapy. This powerful little light has so many health benefits beyond just your skin. Red light therapy is used for improving scars, texture and even reducing inflammation. But why stop there? By using it on your scalp, you can improve hair health.

Finally, for skin care, one beauty trend that should always stay on your roster is a good SPF. With rising climates, sun damage is at an all-time high. So, gear up to protect your skin with a super good sunscreen, providing you moisture, hydration and sun protection.

As we skip over skincare, let’s hop into beauty and makeup. With temperatures getting more relaxed and our summer tans fleeting, I jump into the trend of bright blush and a pink undereye. This trend first appeared on TikTok and personally has me in a chokehold. My favorite products to achieve this are the Dior Rosy Glow Blush and the Rare Beauty Liquid Blush.

As we get closer to the new year, we find ourselves ditching the 50-step routine for a trend that is personally my favorite: the no-makeup makeup look. This trend will be following us into the new year, since it gives you the ability and freedom to leave the house looking fresh without spending two to three hours on your makeup.

Last but not least, French manicures. This trend has to be my favorite of the year. The classic mani-pedi look has made a comeback and is sure to stay. Pairing a French manicure with any look is sure to elevate it.

So, as we jump into the new year, grab your Gua Sha, red light, a slight blush, your “no makeup” look and a fresh French tip, and let us head out the door.

Featured Image Photographed by Xiang Li/BruinLife.

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