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Show off your Bruin's accomplishment in our standard 8x10 photo print that can be displayed in your home with standard frames!


Perfect size to accompany the many frames we offer in our store!


Give to those special family members to frame!

8 Wallets

Perfect size to pass out to family members!

2018 BruinLife Yearbook

Remember your year at UCLA with the 2018 Bruinlife yearbook. Years from now, you will look back at your college experience and realize how the yearbook helps you remember so much about campus!

  • Captures the 2017-2018 Academic school year

  • Includes Student Life, Academics, Events, Athletics and 2018 Graduating Class

  • You will cherish it as you age!

  • Freshmen call our offices to get the promo code for $10 OFF your purchase!

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Get the most for your buck with BruinLife Deluxe Photo Packages which come bundled with a yearbook. Our prices can’t be beat!

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2018 BruinLife Yearbook


9 x 12



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