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About Us

Founded in 1919, BruinLife is the most historical, all-inclusive (and second-largest) publication on campus.

BruinLife is composed of the:

BruinLife yearbook
BruinLife Magazine
BruinLife Photo Studio

BruinLife yearbook & BruinLife Magazine

BruinLife, and its predecessor Southern Campus, have a unique historical and official status at UCLA. With both BruinLife yearbook and BruinLife Magazine, our main responsibility is the dissemination of news, information, and opinion of value or interest to its audience. We strive to give the UCLA campus, an accurate reflection of the school year thru photos and stories about your every day Bruin.

The BruinLife staff consists of over 50 staffers across 5 departments: writing (encompassing news, sports and A&E writing), blogging, photojournalism, page design, and marketing.

BruinLife Photo Studio

The BruinLife Photo Studio is Student Mediaโ€™s professional photo studio that is open all year long. Whether you need grad portraits or passport photos, we are here for your photo needs?

The BruinLife Photo Studio is one of the few hourly job that Student Media offers (others being in the accounting department). While it shares the name BruinLife, it operates in co-operation with the BruinLife staff but is under the direction of the Operations Manager.

Join BruinLife

Interested in joining BruinLife? We hire every Fall & Winter quarter.

We have positions available in writing, photography, design, videography, blogging and marketing.

Applications can be found here: